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Need new main zip

Hello I am in the UK and am on my second Schott; it's a 10 year old 641 size 44 and the main zipper has broken. (I have ID'd it as a 641 because it's identical to the jacket in this post:) I cannot find anyone who can repair it in the UK to the original standard; they all offer sub-standard looking zips to replace the original. Is it possible to buy the exact same zip from Schott, and then I can get someone here in UK to fit it? Or do you have details of people in the UK who repair Schott jacket zips to the proper standard? Thank you for any answer.

bllx on 11/27/09 at 06:47 AM

No Schott people able to tell me whether the main zip is available as a part to order? Or is it that it's a generic zip that I should be able to get anywhere?

bllx on 12/08/09 at 06:28 AM

It appears there's no one from Schott who cares enough to answer. Is there anyone at all on this forum who's managed to buy a zip from Schott?

redgerry on 12/08/09 at 08:09 AM

I spoke to gail at the warehouse sale on saturday about some repairs for my jacket and she said that they were too busy right now with custom orders to do repair work and to get back to them after the holiday season, that is probably why you have been unsuccessful in reaching anyone. good luck in getting the repairs and enjoy the jacket

reginald on 12/15/09 at 04:41 AM

I have a similar enquiry, i would like to buy a couple of snap buttons with the schott logo embossed on it, also, it'd be great to buy extra schott zips just in case. but this kind of heavy duty motorcycle zippers are supposed to be tough, what kind of manhandling was applied to break one?

MKB on 12/15/09 at 08:00 PM

bllx, click the Contact bottlecap at the top of this page and ask Gail directly. 

bllx on 12/16/09 at 02:54 PM

Good idea ;) I'll try that thanks

bllx on 12/23/09 at 06:31 AM

Gail's going to send me a new zip! Merry Christmas everyone.

bllx on 01/13/10 at 12:16 PM

Got the new zip; thanks to Gail et al at Schott. Looks quality. Just hope the sewing muppets round here know how to do a quality job fitting it. bllx out

impermanence123 on 11/03/16 at 07:52 AM

Hi! I have a 118 Perfecto jacket and it is quite new. One of its side pockets (right side pocket) small zip hook fell off. The zipp is still closing though. Will this still be ok or do I need a new zip? Where can I get new one? Do you at Schott have them to send to your customers? Thank you!

Gail on 11/03/16 at 08:03 AM

I see you are in London, so the option to sending your jacket into us for a repair is not an option. We can send you a new zipper though and you can have the repair done by a tailor need you. If you look at the chain pull pocket pull you will see the chain pull is one solid chain and not removeable from the slider part of the zipper, which means the complete zipper needs to be replaced. You can contact Jerri in our customer service and she can help you in getting a replacement zipper for your jacket. I have listed her direct email address below.



batcountry on 10/03/17 at 10:53 AM


I'm in exactly the same situation as OP - in the UK with a broken zipper. I emailed Jerri but haven't had a respons yet. Is there soemone else I could contact?





RotationSensation on 10/03/17 at 05:12 PM

I also asked Jerri for replacement parts, she answered 3 weeks later, she is very busy atm.

Gail on 10/04/17 at 06:51 AM

Hi Tim,

I am so sorry you have not had a reply from Jerri yet. Please contact Denise as she can help yo too, sometimes Jerri just gets back logged with a lot of emails. I have listed Denise's direct email address below and as always you can always contact me for help.



batcountry on 10/04/17 at 10:08 AM

Hi Gail,

Thanks for your response, I recieved an email from Jerri today.


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