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Need help with 519 size

I already broke my head deciding what size to choose. Hope on your advise.

I'm 177cm (5'10) height and 72kg (160lbs) weight. Just tried M size and it feels very nice! Perfect in shoulders, very comfortable. But according to my height and weight i should go with Small one.

So can you please check my photos and give me advise, should i go with smaller one, or stay with M size? 

JazHV5R8M7w1.jpg guo9VR3rE2w1.jpg

Gail on 09/05/18 at 09:00 AM

First a jacket is not based on your weight and your height for only if you are a regular or if you need a one size in a jacket. In a graded size such as a medium your chest measurement determines the size you need. Measure your chest from under your arms and around your body, 40" (101 cm) then you are a size medium, 36/38" (91cm - 96cm) would be a szie small. As with any jacket I can only advise what size you are, not the preference of fit an individual wants. Some customers want a looser comfortable fit, while others want a tight fitted jacket. When buying a jacket take into consideration what you plan to wear under the jacket, such as a hoody or heavy sweaters. Looking at your photos the jacket appears to have a good fit especially in the shoulder area, a size small may be too tight in the shoulders for you, especially with a hoody under the jacket. If you contact Denise in our customer service she can send you the measurements for the sizing on the jacket for comparison between the 2 sizes.



Abrukudubra on 09/11/18 at 07:34 AM

Thanks a lot!

Abrukudubra on 01/29/19 at 01:07 PM

Just a quick update. I know, it will help someone to decide, which size to choose. Finally my local distributor received 519 in S size, and I'm so glad i didn't buy medium! Small fits me just perfect! This is the most expensive thing in my wardrobe, but it worth every cent! Definitely it's my favorite garment now!

So i recommend to size down in case of 519. I can layer it with medium weight flannel shirt and it's pretty enough even for russian winter. 


Gail on 01/30/19 at 07:16 AM

The jacket looks great on you and I am sure the photos and update will help others. Possibly you could post yur chest measurement, so others can compare their chest size to your chest size. Measure your chest from under your arms and around your body, this will provide your chest size.


Abrukudubra on 02/11/19 at 10:45 AM

Chest size is 94cm

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