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Need help to ID old flight jacket

Hey Gail and everybody

Just bought this flight in Paris

Seller said it is goatskin but i have no idea if he is right or no

I think it is from 70's, red size tag and schott bros logo at the neck, sadly the main tag is gone

There is shermann care tag inside

Do you know which model it is and what it is made of ?


Edit: it might be a 675, i found an old post with a very similar one, there is one thing i didn't understand in this post, u said : "genuine leather with a goatskin print on the leather" and "The jacket is a Cowhide with a Goatskin print and a Dynel pile collar"

What does that mean? Is it made of goatskin leather or just a part of it is goat skin?

Thanks :)

IF1HQqk1.jpg QJuxB1k1.jpg WHJuO0n1.jpg ZA0z4sX1.jpg ev1eLAq1.jpg

Gail on 08/05/19 at 08:38 AM

The jacket is the style 675 and was produced between 1971 -1981, based on the Talon "long" zipper pull, the red size loop label and the Schott logo neck hanger. This neck hanger I believe is more from a 70's production. I checked our old catalogs and during this time frame the jacket was described as Genuine (Goat Design) Leather. This description represents that the jacket is a genuine leather, most likely a cowhide and during the tanning process the leather is imprinted with the design of a goatskin hide in appearance. Looking at the collar photo immediately tells me that the collar is synthetic and not a genuine Mouton fur collar. The reason for the imprint is that the style 675 is a naval military style and the jacket specs made for the Navy were of Goatskin & Mouton collars. We have made the 675 in a Genuine Goatskin/Mouton collar in later years, which also includes the perforated "USN" on the inside zipper flap.


RotationSensation on 08/05/19 at 10:02 AM

Thanks :)

A bit disapointed it is not goatskin, i will see if i keep it or no, beautiful jacket anyway

Gail on 08/06/19 at 05:31 AM

It is a great jacket, and is approximately 38 -48 years old.


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