Schott N.Y.C.

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KarlKrook on 08/06/19 at 03:35 PM

I was told it measures 20” pit to pit and the current owner is a 40.5” chest. I am a 38” chest. Should I look for a smaller size?  What size do you think this jacket is? 

Gail on 08/07/19 at 07:50 AM

Unfortunately, just on the info you have provided I cannot determine the size of the jacket. The Perfecto label with M/C rider and the wording "NYC" was first used in our jackets in the mid-80's to the present. Depending on the age of the jacket a white pocket ticket sewn into the pocket, usually the snap coin pocket can help with the age of the jacket, size & style number of the jacket. The jacket is either a Naked Cowhide leather #118 or the Steerhide version #618. Depending on the age the jacket could be a smaller cut in size. Jackets from the 80's would be approximately one size smaller then the jacket size label. Through the years the style #118 has been updated in fit but the 618 remained the classic fit of being a smaller cut. I checked some specs and a 20" pit/pit would be approximately a size 36, so I am not sure if he is measuring correctly. This is not a new jacket and I can not confirm if it is a 118 which has had updates to fit, but specs for the older classic 618 in a size 40 is pit/pit 22", shoulder width 18-1/4", sleeve 34-1/2" and the back length 24", in 2015 back length changed to 25". If you can get me for information from that pocket ticket I can help you better. If that is missing too along with the USA flag w/size label that was attached to the Perfecto label, I would wonder why both are missing.

Other things that can narrow down when it was produced are the name on the front & sleeve zippers pulls. If the Care label is Leathercraft Process or Arrow Care Leather. If there is a name or number on the back of the buckle. If you do take a chance and purchase the jacket, I would request confirmation that you can return if it does not fit.


KarlKrook on 08/07/19 at 08:57 PM

Ok thanks! Another thing Gail, is the current 618 in size 38 the same size as a vintage, say 70s-90s 618 in size 38? 

Gail on 08/08/19 at 07:33 AM

The 618 jackets from the 70's -90's would have the same sizing specs. The Naked Cowhide leather style 118 did have spec sizing changes through these years. Please also note in the 80's the classic motorcycle jacket was offered in other types of leather ( styles 518 & 418 ) for a better price point, they would not have a Perfecto label in the jacket and sizing specs could be different.


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