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Navy Peacoat

What is the difference in the Schott US 740N Naval Peacoat in Melton Wool; Schott Classic Melton Wool Naval Pea Coat in Long Sizes; and Schott DuroJacket Melton Wool Naval Pea Coat in Long Sizes?

What does the "N" stand for? What is the difference in the short versus long sizes? Reading the descriptions the DuroJacket said it was water resistant while the Classic Pea Coat said it was waterprooft. Big difference between water resistant and waterproof. Are these descriptions accurate? Which is the most authentic: the Classic; the 740N; or the DuroJacket?



Gail on 03/15/13 at 07:30 AM


I will try to answer your questions, but are you getting this information from our website? The traditional style 740 is the classic peacoat, which has an extensive decription on the history of the peacoat. We do not state that these jackets are waterproof or water resistant, our description states they provide protection against the elements. In reference to "long" this is a jacket is in long sizes for tall people, The letter "N" in the style number represents Naval. I do not know what Duro Jacket you are looking at on our site, but our Duro styles are produced in Canada. Gail

jrstone1 on 03/15/13 at 11:54 AM


Thank you for the responsse. I was on the website > outerwear > peacoat. They show five (5) different Schott peacoats: two are Classic long sizes and Classis, DuroJacket long sizes and DuroJacket, and a women's Classic jacket. The Classic descriptions include the words "is windproof and waterproof". The women's Classic doesn't have this description just "prevent hyperthermia even when soaking wet." Both DuroJacket descriptions include the words "is windproof and water resistant".

One may click on a link and go to lo (Home > Military & Fashion > Wool Naval Peacoats >) to view their Schott US 740N Naval Peacoat.

So is style #740 an authentic Naval peacoat? Or is the style #740N more authentic?

Thank you.


Gail on 03/15/13 at 12:49 PM

There is no such style as 740N, the style is 740. The label used in all our peacoat styles made in the USA have the US740N label, the Durojac label is the label used in the jackets made in Canda. The claims this site is listing are not our claims we list under our description. First clue if a wool jacket is waterproof or water resistant how can it become soaking wet to prevent hyperthermia? The wool weight in our 740 is 32 oz. heavy wool which does protect you from the wind but is not waterproof. Gail

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