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My Semi-Custom Creation

It's finally here; my birthday present to myself. I wanted the classic black leather motorcycle jacket dialed to 11 and so that's what I saved for months for and bought. I had to make the pilgrimage from Sacramento to the Schott NYC store in San Francisco back in March and have the jacket shipped off to the factory in New Jersey to have everything done to it that I wanted. 

Can you guys spot the template jacket and all the things I had changed/added?

I'll follow up later with a full description.

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Gail on 05/14/19 at 07:42 AM

Since you did not post the style number of the jacket to compare with the changes you made, I can see the collar you added and possible stars on the epaulets. Since the jacket has a red lining it appears to be similar to the Mr. Porter style 519MP & 118MP, so you may have had the lining changed to match these styles. The classic motorcycle style does not change much in the actual 3-pocket, half belt style that has been around for years. So changes such as adding a collar, type of lining in the jacket or stars on the epaulets are several ways to change the appearance slightly and a prference in a lighter weight & color in a  lining. It is nice to know we were able to do the changes you wanted to have the exact jacket you wanted.


Dphillip on 05/14/19 at 08:20 AM

Congrats, beautiful jacket, love the red lining!

TradCat on 05/14/19 at 12:14 PM

The base is a 613SH. I added a lot of snaps: belt buckle, collar, the inside snaps that allow a detachable collar. I also had the lining changed to a nonquilted red polysatin as I'm in CA and am hoping to get a few extra months of wear out of it. The red calls back to Lewis Leathers in the UK. I love their jackets.

I had a custom collar made too. The base is horsehide same as my jacket but I want brown fur so it contrasted just a little bit with the leather. It gives it that extra dimension. I like how contrasting fur trim looks with leather but mixing colors of leather is a big no no . 

Anyway there she is. The changes and additions probably cost around $350-400 but were worth every penny. It's amazing all that Schott can do for you if you just ask. 

Gail on 05/15/19 at 07:07 AM

May I suggest for others, that instead of making all these custom changes to a jacket, which can be costly, it may be less to actually have acustom jacket made for you from scratch. Just a thought for all our members who want a unique jacket with all the bells & whistles they want.


TradCat on 05/15/19 at 12:32 PM

I guess it depends on what one wants. I actually priced out a full custom horsehide jacket with Jerri in the fall and was quoted $1600. But she also said the samples team wasn't taking on any new custom orders until spring, and here we are almost into summer and I still haven't heard anything. So it was actually cheaper and much faster to alter my 613SH, which fits amazingly. 


It'll be up to the person to figure out the best solution for their particular situation, but in my case alteration was in every way the better way to go. 

Gail on 05/16/19 at 09:05 AM

First let me say, a Custom jacket will always cost ore then just changing items on a jacket. A custom jacket is made to te customer's individual measurements and not a stock size jacket. New patterns are made for a custom jacket which does increase the cost. I also checked with Jerri and unfortunately she has not contacted you as we are still not accepting any new custom orders at this time. She did not forget you, we just could not accommodate you for a custom order yet.


bobg12 on 05/19/19 at 04:14 PM

Sweet jacket, enjoy.

Gail on 05/20/19 at 06:34 AM

This has gotten way out of hand, I am going to delete the posts that I feel don't need to be read by all. I will leave the post on this semi-custom jacket, so other members can view the jacket, and I will leave my comment on our custom order jackets. People thinking about ordering a custom jacket should realize the cost difference of having changes made on a stock jacket versus having a custom jacket made to their measurements. 


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