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its funny I don’t ride and now that I got the 613sh makes me want to own a motorcycle!  Haha funny how a Schott Jacket makes you feel!  I heard first invest in a quality jacket then get the bike! 

Gail on 02/08/19 at 07:51 AM

Many of our customers own riding jackets but no motorcycles, me included!


TS111 on 02/10/19 at 02:06 PM

Riding a motorcycle is the most fun I can have in public. Riding in a Schott jacket makes it even better. I highly recommend taking a safety course and learning to ride. It’s one of the last things we are still “allowed” to do and it is total freedom... if you don’t count those stupid mandatory helmet laws. It should be a choice. 

camaro82 on 02/10/19 at 02:28 PM

I ride motorcycle with my Schott 618 .no problem at all but i dream now for a real Schott jacket with pocket armor ready like vanson ...maybe in few years.

TS111 on 02/10/19 at 06:08 PM

I always toss out the armor pieces. Leather is enough. And I can’t stand those ugly multi-color textile “motorcycle” jackets. 

Gail on 02/11/19 at 07:19 AM

Schott did offer some styles with armor, but they did not do well in sales for us. I think most of our owners what the original Perfecto style. Our leather is heavy which we use for protection, and armor does not provide that comfortable fit of a well broken-in jacket to a person's body. We all know motorcycle riding can be more dangerous then riding in a car, as you don't have anything around you except your jacket and yes even that helmet!


Mh54480 on 02/20/19 at 10:18 PM

The only reason I would purchase a bike and ride is an excuse to wear my perfecto more!  And watch how the jacket transforms over time.  This way I could buy not only one but two jackets!  I already have the gear.  Minus the helmet.    

lostandfound on 02/23/19 at 02:34 AM

I agree!  Sometimes when I wear my bomber jacket I do dream about flying.  (I am not being facetious)  Every jacket type is spawned from some sort of originm the TrenchCoat (WW1), the Field Jacket (Military) etc.  Naval Peacoats etc.  

Perfectos have a more esoteric meaning to some people, to others it is just another cool jacket style.

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