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More Info on this 619MP

Hi Gail,


Attached is a pocket ticket and pics of a great buy I made. This jacket was only worn a few times in its five or so years of ownership and this hand oiled 619 has been at the top of my list for a long time. IMO the most beautiful jacket Schott has ever made. Nothing beats the cool mystique of a black 613SH or something of that nature but for sheer eye candy the 619 is the one to beat.


That said, what's the full provenance of my specimen? I was under the impression the Mr Porter version was lined with solid burgundy not black, and a different tag was used? Is mine "rarer" or just "different"? How many Mr Porter runs were there? And about how many pieces like mine were produced? 


If you can illuminate this for me I'd appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time.

20190421_1945551.jpg lining and label tag

Gail on 04/22/19 at 07:43 AM

Based on the pocket ticket you are correct the 619MP is a production jacket for Mr. Porter in 2013. I will try to research the linings for you. Unfortunately the information on how many production lots were made, quantities with dates of when they were made would no longer be available in our system. I will update my post after some research.


TradCat on 04/23/19 at 02:33 AM

This is the review that gives me pause. Granted it is from 2016. So maybe they did mine in 2013 then lined it with burgundy for their 2016 run?

But I asked Jerri earlier too because I was checking on a custom order still at the factory and she remembers the black lining but not the burgundy. Odd, no?

If you could shed some light on this that would be amazing. I got my jacket which was only worn a few times (and looks it) for $350 by the way. Wasn't even going to try and haggle. This is a jacket I almost bought for $1050 retail plus tax at the SF store last month. I feel like I won the lottery finding a hardly-worn plain-lined version in size not a few weeks later. I saved about $700!

Gail on 04/23/19 at 06:21 PM

In 2013 we offered the style P619 with a polystain lining, we also made the same jacket for Mr. Porter with the same lining. In 2014 the style number was changed to 619 and the lining was changed to the plaid cotton.


TradCat on 04/23/19 at 07:01 PM

But my jacket has 619MP on the pocket ticket and has black polysatin lining, so when would that have been made?

Gail on 04/24/19 at 07:05 AM

If you re-read my first reply post to you, it will explain your jacket 619MP was a production lot made for retailer Mr. Porter. Based on the barcode on the pocket ticket, your jacket was made in 2013. The styles 619MP and our Schott Style P619 in 2013 had this plain black lining at that time, we now offer the style 619 with a plaid lining. I hope my explanation is now clearer to you.


TradCat on 04/24/19 at 09:51 AM

A bit yes thanks. 

Seller says he got it in 2015 and it sat in his closet unworn for the most.part. I know this leather type comes super soft and easily creased. I've been sleeping in it trying to make it mine and just did an Otter wax treatment yesterday which went a long way. It needed it.

Gail on 04/25/19 at 07:47 AM

If the seller has had the jacket for 4 years sitting in a possibly hot closet, possibly cover in plastic, it can cause the leather to dry out. Hopefully a little conditioning will help soften up the leather.


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