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Missing Label for '95 141?

Hi, I picked up this 141 used.  It is in absolutley beautiful shape...excellent product.  From the pocket tags (below) I deduce that it is a 1995.  My question is regarding the label.  There is a label (neck) on the zipout liner but there is not one in the same location on the jacket itself.  It also doesnt look like there ever was one.  I worried about authenticity, but all of the rest of the tags, buttons and zippers look authentic, as does the leather and workmanship.  Zippers on the front and sleeves are YKK in what looks like aluminum.  Zippers on pockets appear as they may be nickel.  Should there have been a label in the jacket itself?  If so, can it be replaced if I send the jacket in? Many thx.

Gail on 01/11/13 at 11:12 AM

On older jackets they only put the main "Schott" label on the liner  and not the fixed lining in the coat. We changed this several years ago so now jackets with liners have a main label on the liner and the jacket lining. To apply a label now to the lining of the jacket you would have to open up the jacket to sew the label onto the lining. This would not only be costly to open the jacket up, but as careful as the operator may be, she cannot sew exactly in the same existing needle holes in the leather. The authenticity of having a vintage jacket is to have just the label on the liner as that was how the jacket was produced at that time. Gail

hjerides on 01/11/13 at 11:22 AM

Hi Gail-  Thank you for the response and confirmation.  Much appreciated.  If the jacket didn't come with a label, then that is the way it will stay! Thank you for an excellent product!

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