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Marlon Brandos' Perfecto

Dear Gail, Every source will tell you that Brando wore a Schott Perfecto in the film 'The Wild One'. However, if you look at the stills and photos closely you can see some differences between his model and the classic modern day Perfecto. I'd be really interested to know the details of the model he wore in the film and whether there are any plans to re-issue Brandos' jacket at any time (or if it has ever been issued since). Many thanks, Rob.

Gail on 11/23/04 at 06:45 PM

Hi Rob,

The jacket Marlon Brando wore was our Classic style #618 (#118-naked cowhide) The only difference being in the jacket he wore in the Movie was the star studs on the epaulets of the jacket. They also embroidered the name "Johnny" on the left side of the jacket above the breast pocket, for the character he portrayed in the movie. During that period in time, bikers embellishment of their jackets was very popular. Still to this day the stars can be added to the jacket without a problem. If you still have a question to a specific difference in the jacket other then what I have answered, please advise me of such. We do appreciate your interest in the jacket and it's authenticity. Gail

Rob on 12/04/04 at 08:15 PM

Dear Gail, Thanks for your reply. Although Brandos' jacket is almost identical to the modern day 118 Perfecto, I think the zips look longer in the sleeves and the buckle looks more rectangular. These are petty points I know but I thought I'd point them out just as a matter of interest. Also, did Schott ever have a contract A2 flight jacket during world war two? If so, are there any plans to reissue it as some other companies have done with theirs? Thanks again, Rob.

James on 12/07/04 at 12:03 AM

I was curious about this too. It seems that some of the older styles had a bit more of a raw/classic style to them. Like the back bottoms of the jackets looked a bit more flat across and squared off ( as opposed to the newer ones that are a touch higher at the hips and dip a bit lower at the small of the back. Here's a front/back shot of a Schott I recently saw on ebay; it was listed as a "Vintage Leather Schott One Star Motorcycle Jacket".

Gail on 12/07/04 at 03:14 PM

Dear Rob & James, I will try to address all your question and comments regarding the jackets. Rob I have looked very closely of the photo of Marlon Brando that was taken on the movie set wearing the jacket. This is the photo of him leaning on his motorcycle in front of a house. In this particular photo, his left arm is on his hip with the sleeve of the jacket pushed up exposing his wrist and bracelet, this maybe the reason the sleeve zipper appears longer up the arm. The buckle on the jacket is more rectangular then the one we use in today's production. Unfortunately after more then 50 years of production, we are still manufacturing but original suppliers are long since gone. Without our original suppliers, items made by them are no longer available to us. We continue to want to use trim made in the USA for our jackets, and as everyone knows US suppliers are a minority. In regards to the A/2 flight jackets, we did manufacturer for the US Air Force in the beginning of WWII. For a brief history of our company please visit our website and click onto "About Schott". James unfortunately I could not open the links you posted on this message blog. If you like you can email them to me through our customer service on our website. In reference to the kidney back extensions on the motorcycle jackets, we have had several options and styles of the extensions through the years. We have made numerous motorcycle jacket styles since 1928, which offered different variations of styling. Our Classics still maintain the same styling. I know there are alot of Vintage motorcycle jackets out there, but all are not the same style, though they maybe very similar in style. I hope this information has answered your questions, everyone at Schott appreciates your interest in our jackets. Gail

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