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Lost Worlds Leather Jacket

I just saw a Lost Worlds leather jacket that is similar in style to the 118. It's a custom piece of work that is really impressive looking. There's lots of metal studs and even a stone or two imbedded into the jacket. It has more of a rock star feel to it than anything else. They have a starting price of well over $2000.00 for it. I imagine it can go close to three grand. Here's the deal......I would rather buy a 118, put my own fancy studs on it, and then call it a day. It seems to me that the whole idea of adding all those neat things to a biker jacket is to give it your "own creative name," like a piece of art. Hey.....I just got an idea! I'll eventually get a 118 (long version in size 46) and design it to look like I belong in the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio. I'll wear it on special occasions when I'm not wearing my 141 or 585. I do a lot of art (build furniture and oil painting on canvas) and I can't think of a better way to see what kind of artist I really am. Don't get down on me for trying to outdo Lost Worlds. I'm actually trying to outdo myself.

tim on 02/18/09 at 05:21 PM

Have you checked out the Lost Worlds website? It's pretty amazing just how impressed the owner is with his own stuff...granted, it might be good stuff (might be), but according to the attitude all over the site, there are no better jackets out there and nothing comes closer than his jackets to total authenticity...excuse me while I barf in a bucket...

jac on 02/18/09 at 05:40 PM

Got room in that bucket?

The guy has a sitewide rant of diatribes that showcase some deep psychological issues. That might be part of why he's losing his butt all over ebay right now.


DenSchott on 02/18/09 at 05:42 PM

barf.....but don't barf on your Schott jacket! The pictures of their jackets are very good. Schott should take note from their photos and display them a little better themselves. I've been to other sites before that have been extremely critical of Lost Worlds, but then again....I heard a few dorks ridicule my beloved Schott (bastards-all of them). There are a few companies out there that really make outstanding leather products. I just think that for the money, you can't beat my Schotts. I'm sure that Lost Worlds makes a good jacket, also. Aero is another company I've been reading about a lot lately. Doesn't matter, though. I gotta get the 118 first.

castillian500 on 02/19/09 at 06:15 PM

I've spoken with the owner of Lost Worlds and he is an arrogant lunatic !  As well as an ego maniac !  He gets really upset at the drop of ahat and starts yelling.  Schott is a way better value for the money.

jac on 02/20/09 at 12:44 AM

Fear not- the superior qualities of fqhh are enhanced by barf!

(Don't try this with lesser jackets.)

rcruce on 02/20/09 at 12:50 PM

First let me say I have a custom horsehide Schott Star Perfecto.  A better motorcycle jacket cannot be imagined.  Yet, just because Schott is so cool doesn't mean nobody else is any good. I have been a Langlitz Leathers customer since 1981 and LL makes the ultimate jacket bar none.  I have 6 Columbias and a Cascade by LL.  I also have a Schott and a Lost Worlds jacket because I was intrigued by talk about horsehide.   I have spoken to Mr. Clurman of Lost Worlds by phone and e-mail and have always been treated politely.  My Lost Worlds horsehide J23 jacket is absolutely fabulous and claims made on LW website are valid.   If Mr. C. is a lttle frayed, who knows what the reason was, but here's a theory... what if your raw materials sources were put out of business by animal rights activists?  That's what happened when the last tannery closed recently.  LW went months collecting back orders and not being able to ship jackets.  As I understand it, Schott obtains horse hide from Italy.   If Lost Worlds website has "attitude" its OK.  They have the goods to back it up.  Incidentally, most people don't know Vanson leathers went bankrupt and outsourced some of its manufacture overseas.  Our USA  motorcycle jacket industry is going to be severely tested in the recession.  I wish all of them well.  I must say though... if you scroll down far enough on LW you see a "Save/Adopt pit bulls" section that is unintentionally funny (to me at least... having fought off a pit bull repeatedly on my jogs).  Finally, I love my Schott jacket.   Which is why I visit this forum every day.    



jac on 02/20/09 at 03:47 PM

FYI, from the LS site;

'Avoid these forums, their self-appointed, fatuous "authorities" and instructions like syphilis '...
'Hard seems to frighten most of our New Age "men." They like "limp" leather. Interior decorators of the soul.'...
'Rampant and almost beyond belief on what we affectionately call  "THE FAIRY FORUMS," where "men" like to talk to other "men" '...


BTW, Horween Tannery in Chicago is still alive & well.


rcruce on 02/20/09 at 05:49 PM

jac, you have a point.  I skimmed over those parts.  To be "edgy" and project attitude in these times it seems to require some pushing the envelope (I'm trying to use as many cliches as I can...)   LW is pricey.  You would just have to see and touch the jacket I have to understand my cutting some slack in the rhetoric.  They're trying to get you past sticker shock.   The horsehide I got from Schott is beautiful but almost what one would be tempted to call a fashion weight hide.  Lost Worlds is althogether different- thicker and it really does break in to the point it makes "furrows".  My J23 is extraordinary.   Having said that, its a pity Schott displays its motorcycle jackets so lamely online.  Granted a photo never really does justice, but Schott jackets shine in photos that come to us randomly from unexpected sources.   My Schott horsehide Star Perfecto is the equal of my Lost Worlds jacket in its own way.  I wouldn't part with either of them.  Since this is a Schott message board I'll end by saying Schott jackets are outstanding and worth the money.   But it would be alarming if Schott or some other U.S. motorcycle jacket maker were the last one standing after the current recession.   I am grateful to every American company that is making quality motorcycle jackets.  May they all prosper.    


gixxer11 on 02/20/09 at 06:26 PM

MY dogs has fleas, upon his back , which bite him!

HIS  fleas have fleas! and so on !



jac on 02/21/09 at 04:35 PM

I'm edgy???

RAOUL on 02/21/09 at 08:41 PM

The jackets of LW are ok, same as Schott and another american brands, same quality materials, good designs and a good team behind the companies, but their prices are ridiculous, whit the price of one jacket there you can get 2 hh  or almost 3 naked or steerhide  Schotts. the  amount of material and man hours to make a jacket is = in the 2 places, and  they are asking more $ for their jackets and maybe pay the same that Schott to the workers, so that BIG difference of $ goes to the owners pocket, why?, because he's a smart guy that knows some small bussines tricks and play whit people minds like all the "designer" companies make it   and a couple of people over there or  they don't know about Schott, or their are dumb or just they like their jackets and the money isn't a proble to buy one LW jacket. Free Country and all we respect other peolpe preferences, and thanks to that people that are supporting that MADE IN USA tag.


I saw here a couple of new jackets whit 20 zippers each one, Schott, please use this important tool (message blog) to ask us, guys what do you think about this proto?, we can be an important source of information and help whit opinions and ideas about  changes in the designs because at the end we are the final customers, just an idea.


wolverine on 02/21/09 at 08:53 PM



Here is my take on the Lost Worlds...They use high quality materials and their workmanship looks to be very good...BUT...they treat you like an idiot if you ask them any questions about their jackets.  About two years ago they had a closeout sale item that I wanted measures on.  They listed it as a size 40 but made it clear that the item could not be returned.  To make a long story short I called them and they refused to give ANY measures, no sleeve length, no chest measure, nothing.  Instead they asked me my height and weight and then just quickly said that the jacket would be too small.  It seemed to me that either they did not even have the jacket that was listed or they were really not interested in selling it.  In any case their general attitude was one of an egomaniac(s) and that was enough for me to never want to even consider any type of purchase from LW.


As a final note...I know that most of the LW styles are copies of old styles that are now 50 years old or so.  But putting that aside, many of the LW jacket styles look like crap IMHO.  Big pockets with big buttons, basically the kind of stuff that was coming out of Taiwan twenty years ago.  If this guy spent more time actually designing better stuff or hired someone with a little bit of fashion sense he might sell a few more items.  But then again he has to be doing well because it seems that he has cornered the market for all of the safari hunters in the US or maybe even the world!!!  It is a good thing that safari hunters have such deep pockets.





castillian500 on 02/27/09 at 02:31 AM

It's NEVER OK to be arrogant.  If Lost Worlds is arrogant they are in the process of going to seed and ANYONE who gets testy over nothing is imbalanced.  That's the feeling I got from Lost Worlds owner.  Langlitz was very nice as Schott has been. I have also had contact with Cirrus  in the UK and they are nice too.  General Motors became arrogant and look where it got them

castillian500 on 02/27/09 at 02:41 AM

May I also add that the owner of Lost Worlds is so volatile that I actually had to try very hard at not laughing at him !  I did this out of trying to stay on the " HIGH ROAD " in the conversation.  But I have laughed many times after that conversation because it left such an outrageous impression on me.  He probably took 100 Valiums after not being able to get US produced horsehide.  If Italian horsehide is good enough for Schott it SHOULD be good enough for Lost Worlds too.  I still maintain that man was unbalanced and that's putting the best face on it.

castillian500 on 02/27/09 at 10:00 PM

Regarding you being treated like an idiot at Lost Worlds when you asked about sizes after being told that you could not return the jacket in the event that it did not fit.  It's obvious that YOU were talking to an IDIOT !   Or some grouchy looser.

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