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Lose Stitches Perfecto 618 - early 80's

Hello there,

I got this beautiful perfecto, almost brand new (old stock and not worn) on eBay least year.

I wore it quite a lot last few months, even rode my motorcycle several times on it..

But last week, my oldest kid (6y) told me, Dad, there's a whole in your jacket.. And I replied, haha, thats a good one.

But after taking off my jacket, I unfortunately noticed that he was right. It just seems like the stitches got lose at the back between the back panel and the bi-swing, both sides, only 1" or so..

Is this normal? I thought schott was a lifetime deal..

How and where to fix it? (I live in Belgium)

Thanks for any ideas and advice.


Bernie Rebel


RotationSensation on 02/14/20 at 11:37 AM


This is not normal but can happen

I had to fix jackets many time, but they had a lot of worn

You can go to a tailor or a guy who repair shoes and leather stuff, they can fix that for a good price, max 20e in my opinion

crippe on 02/15/20 at 03:54 AM

Hi, this happens but is easily fixed as ROTATIONSENSATION says. I love vintage Perfectos, do you have any more photos of the jacket you could share with the forum?



MrRebel on 02/24/20 at 05:48 PM

Thanks guys for your help and advice. So I did take it to the local shoe repair guy in town and he made a wonderful fix for only 15 €. He had to open the liner inside to acces the stitches, he redone them on both side. And he made a nice job on closing back the liner. Its the liner is not as neet as it was, but he did a nice job for that price.

Here are some pics:

can't seem to upload them at this time.. 

1mb max per pic? this 2020.. the smallest I have is 6mb.. what a pain to crop them.. not working..


RotationSensation on 02/27/20 at 11:21 AM


Happy for you :)

About pictures u can upload them even if they are bigger than 1mo, i do it all the time


MrRebel on 02/28/20 at 10:44 AM

Ok, let's try again.


Jacket 07F597C749C442B38B33E6C21865CEC01.jpeg

MrRebel on 02/28/20 at 10:55 AM

Some more pics..

apparently the forum likes to rotate some of the pictures, I have no idea why.. (sorry about that)

3BD1F264337446E6AED778A34EED49FE1.jpeg 4150AF43C3D046108CAD818AA72A816B1.jpeg E3B7F58FD89D43A28E1DC7A8B2CCD7041.jpeg 21735E7543BB46EB8D5ED201DFED8E921.jpeg 79EAAEF71E5E49D898AF84A75D651C141.jpeg

crippe on 02/28/20 at 01:00 PM

Nice to hear the shoe repair guy did a good job on your jacket. I also have a Perfecto with some loose/broken stitches but I will take care of that myself (as it's just a couple of stitches which I can fix by hand). Thanks for uploading photos,


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