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Looking to trade my new 613 size 40

Hey. I just bought a 613 One Star size 40 and it's a bit too big. Just took the tags off, so I can't return it. I'm looking for a size medium 626 or size 38 613. Thanks!


drzn432 on 10/04/12 at 08:20 PM

dont feel bad, i bought 2 jackets recently, a 618 and 644, before i realized anything about fitting and how it looks; the company's advice to order one size bigger is bogus unless there is a gut involved. the shoulders feel fine but there is a bell shape at the bottom when zipped, not close to snug. looks ridiculous.

Gail on 10/05/12 at 09:44 AM

As with any jacket, sizing is important and is based on a person's measurements, body structure and personal preference with fit. We do suggest in certain styles to order 1 size larger than your chest size, as the chest measurement is 1 size smaller then the jacket size. Example a 618 in the steerhide size 42 has the same chest pattern spec as the naked cowhide 118 in size 40.

If a person has an athletic build then any motorcycle style will be large at the waist, as you need to accommodate the chest size. If yo have a larger waist size than chest size then you need a jacket in the size to accommodate your waist and will be big in the chest. Our jacket sizing is based on the average person's sizing. If you want a really tight fitting jacket then a size smaller may do the trick for you. If this is the look that you want, but it may not be the best fit for riding and comfort.  I just want customers to be aware that many customers who purchased a jacket  in their actual chest size, that we suggested to size up, had to return because it was too small. We can only advise what size you should order based on your measurements, fit and preference is then the individual's decision.

Any jacket that is purchased from our website can be exchanged or returned for a full credit if the fit is not what the individual needs, wants or expected. We have a 90 day return policy providing the jacket is unworn and all tags are on the jacket. Gail

drzn432 on 10/09/12 at 09:34 PM

yup that's the problem; tags off, after thinking they fit good, hung them up because it was still summer, fall comes, colder, put them on, look in mirror, wtf? yah, expensive mistakes. i was sooo mad i couldnt even wear them, threw them back in the closet (on their hangers of course)...i did find a company that said they would maybe narrow the waist and hips if, after looking at them, they determined it would be feasible...they're still new maybe i should just sell them at a loss and let it go at that...overall i'm pretty darn unhappy with what has happened, after much anticipation...sorry to say, i'm not willing to take the risk again.

boon on 10/19/12 at 10:54 AM

I rather go to the shop to try out as I am scare of this sizing problem. I have 3 pieces of Schott now and I am very satisfied with the quality and style. I am lucky as happened to visit countries where Schott products are abundance (USA & Japan).

LongLiveRnR on 11/27/12 at 01:34 PM

Are you selling it? I might be pretty interested. I also have a great vintage 618 size 38 with talon zip we might trade. I'm also willing to add a little cash to that. Let me know, thanks! my email:

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