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(Sizing) Looking for my perfect Schott Perfecto. Help?

Hi all,

I'm in the market to purchase my perfect Schott Perfecto. I spent some time doing some research after measuring my chest (which turned out to be 38 inches or 96 cm) as well as accounting for my height and weight.

Here's my dimensions:

(5"8 / 172 cm tall and 159 lbs / 72 kg with my chest being 38 inches / 96 cm across)

I'm trying to attain a very slim fit look similar to this man's jacket ( and i'm not a motorcyclist so i'm only purchasing a perfecto for the fashion look.

I understand there are different versions of the perfecto such as the 118, 618, etc so I went ahead and purchased a vintage 618 in a size 40 a while back. The size 40 ended up looking a little too big on me length wise in the arms, and just in general so I wasn't happy with the fit.

So after selling off the jacket, i'm back to square one. What do you guys recommend I look into out of the perfecto line? My budget at the moment is only the used vintage line of jackets online so i'm looking into what could fit me well. Should I go for a 618 or 118? What should I look for when considering either version of the jacket? Again, accounting for the picture I linked, I want to have a fit similar to that.

Thanks so much for all your help! 



Nikolai on 02/01/16 at 07:47 AM

Hi EP1993,


My advice to you if you want that fitted Brandon Flowers look with your Perfecto, which I agree looks awesome and is how I like mine to fit too, is to get your 618 in a size down. Sizing up to 40 was definitely not going to give you the fitted look you're after, but given you have a 38 inch chest etc, a size 36 618 should nail your desired look. You'll still have enough room in the chest, but it'll hug your shoulders and the sleeves will be a sleeker fit on you in the smaller size. 


I'd also have hugely recommended the 613S and 613SH in your actual chest size as they're cut slimmer, but I see you're specifically looking in the vintage market. 


Definitely avoid the 118 as it's a far 'roomier' cut than the 618 and 613, so would be tricky for you to get right, even if you sized down. 


I hope this little bit of advice helps you in your quest for your perfect biker jacket! 

Gail on 02/03/16 at 05:45 AM

It is very hard to accomplish obtaining a preference in fit when the fit you want may not be your actual size in a jacket. Since you are looking for a used motorcycle jacket it can become harder as pattern changes and spec measurements do change through the years. All motorcycle jackets do have longer sleeves then a casual wear jacket, the longer sleeves allow for riding and when arms are outstretched causing the sleeve to ride up. Based on your height it appears you would also have a shorter sleeve length, which will be an issue with any M/C jacket sleeves being long on you. You also have to remember the 618/118 are riding jackets and are made snug for protection but also full enough in certain areas for movement. You are looking for a slimmer fashion look in a jacket, since you did try a vintage 618 size 40 you have a starting point. Do you think one size smaller in a 38 would be snug enough or possibly the 36, though it is possible the 36 will be too small. Also remember all M/C jackets taper in at the waist by approximately 4" smaller then the chest circumference of the jacket, you need to be sure smaller jacket sizes will be wide enough at the waist to zipper the jacket.


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