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Leather Pants

Anyone have any? I am trying to decide between pants and chaps and I've never tried the pants. Any opinions on which is better? Also, I have the Schott 141 leather jacket. I'd prefer the bootcut (604) but they are steerhide. Would that match (somewhat) my jacket? Or, would the 110 be a better match? Thanks in advance...

kiwidave on 12/28/06 at 10:22 PM

i have a pair of *110* naked cowhide leather pants . they are MUCHO-comfortable & warm to ride in. (& lounge around in too) i debated about getting chaps or leather pants as well before finally ordering the *110's* the minute i tried those leather pants on i knew i had made the RIGHT decision. these pants are awesome !!!

Tck13 on 12/29/06 at 12:17 AM

How do they fit? Were they pretty true to size and did they stretch? Do you wear anything underneath? I am probably going to wear these for winter and put a pair of wind proof or thermal underwear underneath. Have you tried that and did it work?

kiwidave on 12/29/06 at 04:49 PM

i ordered my regular waist size & the *110's* seem to be a "true fit" they were by no means "tight" and so there has been (in my case) no stretching of the leather. there is ample room to wear thermal long-johns underneath. also, these pants are lined to a little below the knee. i'll be pulling mine on tomorrow (with thermals & my '1928' jacket) & jumping on my scooter for a nice long winters day ride.

Tck13 on 01/06/07 at 07:16 PM

Will the bootcut "steerhide" (or straight leg steerhide) match the leather on my Schott 141 jacket or do they look different?

okanagan on 01/06/07 at 10:20 PM

I wear leather pants (Lewis Leathers) when I ride and often wear thin long underwear under them.  I swear by leather pants and the only disatvantage I can see is that for summer riding they are often too hot; for spring and fall they are excellent.  Sometimes I envy those riders wearing chaps over jeans as when you stop you can remove the chaps.  However, if you go down, leather pants will save your ass where you can expect the chaps to come apart and in effect, be useless.  Your decision.

kiwidave on 01/07/07 at 02:03 AM

i'm pretty sure that your *141* jacket is naked cowhide & the only pants that are naked cowhide are the *110's*

ultravividone on 03/05/07 at 03:23 PM

hi everyone, anyone have any pics. front and back wearing or not(of back since not any on site.) it would be greatly appreciated.

sincerely, shaun

Gail on 03/06/07 at 08:30 AM

Dear Tck13,

just confirming, your jacket style # 141 is indeed a naked cowhide leather, the pants to match that leather would be the style #110.  Gail

ultravividone on 03/14/07 at 01:06 PM

hi gail, do you have any pics you can post of the 110(front and back?) i want to purchase them but i would like to see how they look w/ someone wearing them, i like a tight fit. i wear a 32w in denim.

thanks, shaun

Gail on 03/15/07 at 10:23 AM

Hi Shaun,

I have searched and I do not have a photo with someone actually wearing the pants. Maybe one of our members can post a photo for you of them wearing their pants. Just to note that the pants will fit differently on different people based on the person body type. Gail

Tck13 on 03/15/07 at 10:13 PM

When will the pants be available again?

Gail on 03/16/07 at 08:11 AM

We currently have all sizes in stock except size 36 in the style #110. Gail

ultravividone on 04/02/07 at 03:42 PM

i have a pair of schott #110 pants 34 waist i will let go for $375, $10 shipping to u.s. mainland destinations. tried on but never worn. new with tags. bought two different sizes to see which one fit better, so im keeping the 32 waist. man, these pants are awesome.


ultravividone on 04/02/07 at 03:47 PM


chrischurch on 04/02/07 at 03:54 PM

I want to get a pair of Schott pants and have been trying to figure out difference between steerhide and Cowhide. Reckon advice given to Larry and Gary would apply. name=steerhide_vs_naked_cowhide So I want to get a pair of Straight Leg Perfecto Leather Pants 110 Material: Naked Cowhide. I'm a 33" waist so what's best to get 32 or 34. I wear 32 x 34' 501's how accurate are the sizes schott use? What is the width of the opening at the bottom of leg? Are they Cotton lined? Do you have any stockists you can direct me to in the UK, I've searched but cannot find anyone.

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