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Leather pants

What leather pants would best match the 1928 Perfecto?  Also, how thick is the leather in your pants?
Thank you.

SchottDeBIRD on 05/29/05 at 08:10 AM

i have a question for you. how do you like your 1928?i am thinking about buying one in the next couple days. is it just me or is the material have more of a shine then the standard jackets? i like it if it does. also wondering if it has the talon zippers. i am kind of back and fourth on getting the 1928 or the black stallion horse hide from

Beutel on 05/30/05 at 04:41 AM

I love my 1928.  It's the nicest leather jacket I have.  Wonderful leather and craftsmanship, fits like a glove.  Once it's broken in, every time you put it on you smile.  I don't think it's very shiny, but I think it looks great.

SchottDeBIRD on 05/30/05 at 01:49 PM

Well, I ordered it today!!! Hope it fits. This will be my first Schott jacket. This is the most expensive jacket I've ever bought.

Beutel on 05/31/05 at 03:14 AM

You're going to love it.  It's the most expensive one I ever bought also, but unless it gets scraped off of me in an accident, I plan on wearing it for decades.  Let me know what you think when you get it.

SchottDeBIRD on 06/02/05 at 04:31 AM

Well, I'm not going to get a 1928. :(   I ordered the jacket thru because they were offering it $10 cheaper and were giving away an $80 vest with it. They emailed me back that they didn't have my size and they called Schott's and they didn't have it either. They told me Schott's would have more at the end of June. I thought this was a limited edition jacket, why are they making more? lol  I emailed Schott's 2 or 3 times today trying to see if the had a 46 or 48. Never got a reply and couldn't find a phone number. There was another jacket they had that I like made by Schott's for legendary called the Black Stallion. Almost the same design as the 1928 but made of horsehide. It was more expensive ($499) but they gave it to me for the same price as the 1928 as long as I didn't get the free vest (which I was planning on auctioning on Ebay anyways). I hope this jacket is as nice and has the quality of the 1928 I wanted so badly.

Gail on 06/06/05 at 06:19 PM

Hi everyone, as I have read all your correspondence on our jackets. I was out of the office last week so unfortunately I am now trying to catch up on emails and posted messages. On the pants needed to match the style 1928, you would need to order our naked leather pants as your jacket is a naked leather, pant style # 110. The naked leather pants has the same weight and thickness as your jacket. In reference to the 1928 being a limited edition, it is a limited edition but we did not do mass production in the jacket as we wanted to always have sizes available. Therefore we made smaller production lots filling in sizes needed for stock. We have set a limited amount we will produce with a registration number and certification. I believe I did answer your email this morning in reference to your inquiry and I do apologize for the delay.Gail

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