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Leather Care Products

I recieve numerous questions on how to care for a jacket and what products to use on the jackets. For years I always recommended Saddle Soap for a light cleaning and Mink Oil for conditioning always with a caution to always test the product first. I also made a point of telling everyone never to apply a silicone water repellent product to a jacket as leather needs to breathe and sealing leather will eventually dry the leather out. With that being said on our website we now have several care products listed under "Accessories" 

Available is our Otter Wax Leather Care Kit: this kit contains all you need for care of your leather items, Saddle Soap, Leather Oil, Leather Salve and Boot Wax, all products are from natural ingredients. All the products included in the kit can also be purchased separately and all are reasonably priced.

Another available product is the Red Wing Care Kit for Boots: this kit contains Natural Leather Conditioner, Mink Oil, Boot Cream, and a Brush & Cloth.

We also offer the Original "Martexin" Wax for the "Canvas" jackets. This product allows you to re-apply the original wax finish to your jacket that has possibly worn off with wear.

I hope this helps our blog members with the care of their jackets and they will check out these products.


PeterSilecchio on 02/19/16 at 02:54 PM

Hello Gail

Thank You for letting us Know about these Tested Safe Products.

I will Be Buying Them.


pkw on 03/12/16 at 01:37 AM

Gail, Thanks for the clarification.  Not to add any more confusion, what is your experience with carnaubu wax such as the product offered by Blackrock?  There's another product by Cadillac Leather Care that claims to be wax free and to contain lotion and natural emulsifier.  The frustration is that many of these brands don't share their products' ingredients.  As a consumer you see alot of conflicting information about leather care.  Oil or no oil.  Wax or no wax. No animal fats or yes animal fats.  Waterproofing is good for leather.  Waterproofing is not good for leather.  No one wants to ruin their beautiful Schott jacket especially if it's an heirloom.  

Gail on 03/12/16 at 06:15 AM

Unfortunately I am not familar with the products you have listed so I cannot comment on them. You are correct there are many different products, for years I always recommend Saddle Soap for a light cleaning and Mink Oil or Lexol used spareingly for condioning. We now offer on our site all natural products to care for leather. As with any products they all must be tested first, never cover your jacket in plastic and store in a cool place in hot weather. You never want to waterproof your jacket as it seals the leather and leather needs to breathe, sealing leather will cause it to eventually dry rot the leather.


pkw on 03/12/16 at 02:06 PM

Thanks for the quick response.  Do you know if saddle soap can remove silicone based conditioner like KIWI from the steerhide used in the 618?  I had applied it without knowing the potential harm to my 618.  

Gail on 03/14/16 at 07:24 AM

The purpose of using a silicone product is meant to seal the leather to prevent any moisture from penetrating the leather, so unfortunately a cleaning product will not remove the silicone product. The pores on the leather are now sealed by the silicone, so a cleaning or conditioning product cannot penetrate the pores. I am not sure if having the jacket professional clean can remove some or all of the silcone, you would need to ask a professional leather cleaner.


PeterSilecchio on 03/14/16 at 09:22 AM

Hello Gail

I just bought a SCHOTT Style #525. In the OTTERS KIT there is a Oil and a Wax Product. Do you know whitch Product I should be using on the Style 525 Leather?

Thank You


Gail on 03/15/16 at 06:09 AM

In the Otter Leather Kit it contains the needs for all your leather needs. The Wax is noted as "Boot Wax" for applying to your boots. It is a leather sealant for waterproofing and is not for applying to your jacket, as leather needs to breathe. While sealing the leather of a boot is OK, sealing a jacket is not, as it will cause the leather to eventually dry rot. Boots will be replaced after a few years but your leather jacket will be used for many years. Being your jacket is brand new it does not need any care at this time. But when needed the Saddle Soap should be applied spareingly for a light cleaning of the leather. The Leather Salve is a conditioner for the leather once again use spareingly and work well into the leather. The Leather Oil contained Vitamin E for nourishing and polishing oil for leather shine which will revitalized the leather. As with any products being applied to the leather always test first.


PeterSilecchio on 03/15/16 at 09:24 AM

Dear Gail


Thank You for Your Help in Keeping my Jacket In the Best Condition. Your Explanation of the Otter Products was Very Informative.

I Love the Leather used in making the 525 JACKET. It is different then my other Schott Jackets Leather that I Own.The other Jackets Use Steerhide and Natural Cow Hide like the 118 Jacket. 

I think it was a Great Move on SCHOTT to offer the Correct Leather Products for the Jackets they Sell and the Boots..

Once again Thank You For Your Priceless Help.



cjbyron on 05/11/17 at 03:57 PM

These answers get confusing because the website appears to only recommend OTTERWAX yet I get differing answers. Including the most recent about 'arrowcare' products.

So you mention NOT using wax on the jackets (I own a brand new B3 and a G2) yet mention the Otterwax salve and not boot wax. The "salve" however says it contains carnuaba wax. Soooooo, use or not use?

I'd like some rain protection obviously but do not want to put any product on that will be in anyway damaging or harmful to these very expensive jackets.

And, like many others here,I do not want to rely on the care product mfg's becauase they of course would recommend their stuff. I want a straight-from-the-horses-mouth recommendation of the jacket mfg. Niether of my jackets came with any care instructions or recommendations.

Thanks in advance for how to properly care for and what products to use (or not use) on the B3 and G2 military spec jackets!

Gail on 05/12/17 at 07:55 AM

All Otter Wax products are natural products and are completely safe to use on all smooth leather. The Salve is a combination of Shea Butter & Carnauba Wax, the Carnauba wax is a by-product of Palm leaves a natural product.The Saddle Soap is a combination of Beeswax, Castile soap and oils, Beeswax is a bi-product of Honeycombs made by bees, also a natural product. The Oil is Saflower oil & Vitamin E. These products will help seal and protect the leather naturally and since they are natural products they do not contain a permanent water replellent sealant such as a silicone product which causes harm to the leather. The Otter Wax products will naturally wear off and will need to be reapplied every once in awhile as needed, which depends a lot on the wear and conditions the jacket was worn in. Arrow Care Leather is a company that professional cleans, condition and repairs jackets when needed, they are also experts in refurbishing vintage jacket


cjbyron on 05/12/17 at 11:58 AM

OK, thanks for the response.

So what does Schotts recommend specifically? See it is confusing because your website seems to only recommend/sell otterwax. But when I phone you the company rep says to contact Arrow Care and ask them. So I did. And Arrow Care says to not use ANY wax at all on the jackets and not to use the otterwax products. Especially the salve.  They recommend ONLY using their stain repellant spray. they say to NEVER put the otterwax products on the jackets.

I hope you can see the contradictory situation here to the end user. I don't want to ruin a $1000+ jacket(s).

To add to this, the advice to "not get the jacket wet" is a little silly. I've got a G1 I have had since the 70's (my dad's from 1941-45) and it has been through everything. Just as would be expected of this type of jacket. A bit worn but still holding up!

I do not want to worry or treat a new B3 jacket as a dress item and baby it from rain, etc. The entire idea of a top quality jacket is to be able to let it take everything you can throw at it. Right?

So, that's my reasoning of wanting a succinct answer as to the best care on a new one. I realize there are multiple answers to products but I wanted to know what SCHOTTS recommends. Because it is their product and their answer(s) would not be swayed by mfg. but instead wanting their jacket to be treated the best for longevity and overall performance.


Gail on 05/13/17 at 08:55 AM

We do recommend the Otter Wax products, we have tested them on all types of leather, except split cowhide, suede and sheepskin jackets. These types of leathers need to be professionally cleaned and conditioned. Otter Wax are Natural products and do not contain synthetic wax or sealant products, the company does have a website you can review and a customer service that can help you with any questions you may have about their products. I am not sure who you spoke with at Arrow, possibly a customer service rep and I am not really sure why they commented as they did. As with anything everyone has preferences in products and since you feel more comfortable with their advice then I would recommend to go with what you feel is best for your jackets. I just want to assure you these products have been tested by us and they are all natural and will not harm your leather.

If the jacket you are looking to treat is our RAF Sheepskin then you certainly cannot apply any of these products as this is a leatherized sheepskin. If you mentioned the jacket was a B3 sheepskin jacket you were looking for on the care I must have missed that in your initial post. This type of sheepskin with wear will become more creased and lighter in color as this leatherized finished become more vintage in appearance with wear. I have seen some of these old vintage leatherized sheepskin jackets after being worn daily over a period of years that are now a tan suede becomes the finish has completely worn off from so much wear. Your Dad's G1 jacket was probably a cowhide jacket or possibly a Goatskin which did not have this type of finish and was a totally different type of leather.  Any leather jacket can be worn in the rain, becoming soaked repeatedly will eventually dry out the leather and become stiff after the jacket dries out. Our jackets are sturdy and can withstand not getting the best care by the owner, but as with anything the better the care the better the item will last and look good.

If the jacket you have is a B3 Leatherized sheepskin then put nothing on it, since I am not familiar with the product that Arrow has recommended I can not comment on it.


cjbyron on 05/13/17 at 12:56 PM

Gail wrote:

As with anything everyone has preferences in products and since you feel more comfortable with their advice then I would recommend to go with what you feel is best for your jackets. I just want to assure you these products have been tested by us and they are all natural and will not harm your leather.

If the jacket you are looking to treat is our RAF Sheepskin then you certainly cannot apply any of these products as this is a leatherized sheepskin.

If the jacket you have is a B3 Leatherized sheepskin then put nothing on it, since I am not familiar with the product that Arrow has recommended I can not comment on it.



It isn't that I feel more comfortable with their advice. Your company told me that is whom I was to call for care advice. I phoned Schotts and was sent to Arrow for care instructions on the B3 and G1. I thought it would be a simple matter of calling the mfg (i.e. - Schotts) to ask about jacket care instructions and products. I found it odd to be referred to a cleaning and repair company for care instructions of your product(s).

I do not have the RAF B3 but the B3 as you have listed as a 257S. The one I have was made specifically for Boeing.

As for everyone having preferences in products, my only hope was to find out Schotts preferences because I am not a coat mfg and nor have I had to care for a B3 ever before. So a wrong choice or preference could very well be a decision ending in ruining a $800 jacket. Or in the case of the B3, an ~ $1200 jacket.

As for otter products, I have some already and would never put them on the B3. After seeing what it does to boots and other products I've no doubt they (salve, oil, etc) would totally wreck the B3. And, according to Arrow (whom Schotts says is the 'go to' people) any of the waxes, regardless of being natural, would ruin the coat long term because it needs to breathe.

This was my sole goal here: To get accurate and proper instructions for the care of your products. Specifically B3 (257S) and the G1.  Instead I got the run around when I phoned and the buck being passed to Arrow. I'm quite surprised at the lack of specific care instructions from Schotts.

PeterSilecchio on 05/13/17 at 10:57 PM

Hello Gail

I though I saw in a SCHOTT Factory Video and in that Video One of the Craftsmen Wipping Down the Leather? What I am asking is Does SCHOTT Wip Down the Leather on the Jackets before they Ship out their Leather Jackets? If so do you know what Product they Use?

Just to add my own though and experience with Leather Care. As a Somewhat SCHOTT LEATHER JACKET COLLECTOR I found threw my trial and error the Leather used in making SCHOTT Jackets don't need a lot of Conditioner. If the Leather gets wet then, a lot more Care is needed.


I think people put 


too much Product on their Jackets and in turn over Condition or Oil their Leather  and the Leather gets Heavy and Soggy . And the Leather Drops Down and Looses that Nice Original feel. 

Thank You


Noabaak on 05/14/17 at 01:50 PM

Hi all,


I have found this thread quite informative including opinions from CJByron, Peter, and of course Gail.

My Share of thoughts regarding Leather Care (including shoes):


1. Never Ever wear them in the rain. 

2. If it rains, turn outside in and pack it in. (or wear fake leather stuffs)

3. Never Overdo with chemical products, you are actually killing it (It WILL also darken colors, e.g. Walnut, Brown). 

4. When there is dirt on, wipe out with lightly water-soaked towel, dry in shade. Never spot out on shoes, just leave it dry.  

5. However, these are skins. Think of our skins, we need to condition w/ Best Natural Products now and then. 

6. For delicate care, Read product tags or ask Manufacturer. 

7. Customer Service is comprised of many different levels of people responding. 

We need to understand that this is a company, there are people just answering phones or listening to petty problems such as shipping. The first reply may not be as informative or even lead you to wrong directions. If it is a specific or serious issue or subject, I would make sure that it reaches the right person.

In other words, Reach & Listen to Gail! :) 





PS. If you have come to a point to choose either Manufacturer or outside Leather experts, I would go for the former.

After all, they are the creators.  


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