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Schott knock offs maybe?

looks like i found a site selling inexpensive knockoffs even advertising them as a schott perfecto jackets.  Lawsuit anyone??

zenfrogmaster on 11/07/08 at 04:36 PM

Pretty sad - not even the legal fig leaf of Perfecto "style". S/M/L sizing, too, instead of inches. Yes, it's a blatant rip-off, and the worst part is that it takes time and money to combat outfits like this - not to mention a sullied reputation when the dissatisfied customer complains that his "genuine" Schott fell apart during the first week of ownership.


blklthrhound666 on 11/07/08 at 06:11 PM

agreed. these appear to be Pakistan made cheapo jackets. its getting so hard to find jackets that arnt made in pakistan.  some are ok (allstate) but none of them can compare to US made stuff and certainly cant compare to the real perfecto.  I have two real ones and the quality and awsome fit blow my mind.  And your right this is giving the real deal a bad name and is probably taking money away from the company because theyre alot less expensive....anyways i hope these people get sued. sue em!

reginald on 11/08/08 at 08:37 AM

would be curious to actually get one and see if it looks even like the picture stole from schott's site.


schott should sue them, big time

kink141 on 11/08/08 at 06:00 PM

Go to their website and click on the "about us" tab at the bottom. You can tell by their broken grammar that they are Pakastani.

crippe on 11/10/08 at 06:18 AM

The picture IS stolen from the Schott website, it's a photo of a 613 horsehide (613HH). I've attached the original photo from the Schott website :(




blklthrhound666 on 11/10/08 at 09:59 AM

yeah im kinda curious about em too but i will not buy one. not going to give them my money for their plagerism.  instead im going to save up to buy myself a genuine schott perfecto 618.

Jason_Schott on 11/10/08 at 06:05 PM

I can assure you if you DO buy one it will be nothing like our jacket.  They are using our picture, but the jacket that arrives won't resemble ours in any way.  Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention, we will begin the process of stopping them.

Scooby on 11/10/08 at 06:44 PM


HellboundGreaser on 11/11/08 at 09:21 AM

Notice in the picture that they lifted from this website how they digitally removed the tag from the inside of the jacket?

blklthrhound666 on 11/12/08 at 10:44 AM

yeah,  mr Schott, sue em!  I wouldnt dream of buying one of these and I'm glad i told you about it.  Long live the perfecto.

jac on 02/17/09 at 09:53 PM

Oh, does that mean we're not likely to see them at the Struges Motorcycle Ralley as listed in thier photo gallery?


gixxer11 on 02/19/09 at 07:16 PM

$175.00 free delivery! someone buy one so we can see how good? they are? lol

gixxer11 on 03/14/09 at 06:38 AM

hey i e mailed these guys on the pretext of buying one for a gift so needed to know the weight  for postage ok? they came back with 3 kilos (about 6 lbs) inc packaging , and probably rounded up to 3 kilos. my vanson weighs over 8lb on its own ! shows you how lightweight these would be!

jac on 03/15/09 at 12:54 AM

Yup, chinese chickenskin.... Ca- Rap!

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