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James Dean Schott Jacket photos

Hi all,

Have a look on for some great pictures that war photographer Phil Stern took of JD.

You get to see his Perfecto in all its glory.

Interesting things to note:

Different belt(I believe he changed this himself)

There doesn't seem to be the little snap-button pocket on the front

There doesn't seem to be any snap-buttons on the collar flaps

And check out that mouton fur.


I went to see the exhibition in London.The shots are great in all there glory.Very interesting shot of Phil Stern on JDs bike, which James took himself,being a budding photographer.

Any plans to make a re-issue of this jacket??


James Byron

Gail on 05/27/05 at 01:47 PM

Hi James,

Unfortunately the photo's were a little dark and small to see the exact detail of the jacket. In 1985 marking the 30th. Anniversary of his death we were licensed by the James Dean Foundation to produce a Limited Edition of his jacket. The jacket was a Horsehide leather style # JD-1 with a detachable Mouton collar, brass trim, laced side gussets and a heavy "Sam Brown" steerhide belt. The jacket did not have snaps on the lapels or a snap down down change pocket on the front of the jacket. I believe the jacket you may be thinking of is the Perfecto jacket Marlon Brando wore in the movie "The Wild Ones". James Dean wore his jacket was in his movie "Rebel Without a Cause" Thank you for posting the website for the James Dean photos, I enjoyed looking at them. Gail

jamesbyron on 05/27/05 at 03:18 PM

So any chance of re-issuing the jacket for the 50th anniversary???


So he wore just a normal Perfecto 618 in "Rebel......" then??


I had heard that the jacket he wore later on(after "Rebel..."),and as seen in the pictures I mentioned, was a jacket he picked for himself at the Schott factory,and had a few adjustments made to it. Obviously I don't know how true this is.

The JD-1 you speak of is obviously based on the jacket in these Phil Stern pictures.




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