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Jacket care (and a big thanks!)

Hi all, First I want to thank Gail for her unmatched customer service during my recent purchase of a Perfecto. E-mails were answered helpfully and promptly, and I ended up getting a great-fitting jacket thanks to her. I'd recommend Schott to anyone. I'm also wondering about caring for my new Perfecto. What sort of leather care products are recommended? I have a leather wax that I use on my boots. Would that be appropriate for the jacket as well? Should I use anything at all? All best, Andy

Gail on 11/23/04 at 05:34 PM

Hi Andy,

If your jacket is a Naked Leather, we actually recommend nothing to be put on the jacket. If you feel you need to put something on the leather, we would only recommend Saddle Soap or Mink Oil to keep the leather moist and retain a soft hand.

Caution: These products may cause shading or cause the leather to darken, this is the reason we do not like to recommend a product for naked leather. Naked leather has no finish, allowing any product to be absorbed into the leather. In naked leather because it has no finish the natural oils are allowed to naturally keep the jacket moist and retain a soft hand.

If your jacket is a Steerhide or a leather with a finish, we would still recommend the products I listed above. A finished leather has a protective finish that is applied at the tannery to the leather. When applying any product to leather always test the product first on a none visibly area for any discoloration, shading, spotting or darkening of the leather. Never cover any leather jacket with plastic as the leather needs to breath. In addition we recommend that the jacket be periodically professional clean, this helps the leather from drying and the stitches and linings from deteriorating from dirt and sweat.

Glad to know your jacket fit well, if you have any other questions, please just me a email.  Gail

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