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spedry on 08/07/15 at 04:07 PM

It is a NOT MADE IN AMERICA (probably France or ex colonies) lambskin Schott style LC949D.

Nice price but nothing to do with a Made in America jacket. 

Ramonesome on 08/08/15 at 11:56 PM

Could also be the Schott LC940D to me, which is slightly different than the LC949D. The back on the LC940D is one piece and its made of a "waxy cowhide." Where the LC949D is definitely lambskin and its back has a seam down its center. I've owned two of the european LC jackets (the LC3400 and the LC4450), they tend to more fashion orientated and less sturdy than their american counter parts. I wouldn't expect to get more than two years use out of a LC jacket. Also, I didn't like they way either jacket hung on my shoulders when they were unzipped. They poofed out a bit beyond the shoulder, I can see the same thing in the ASOS jacket pictures. My american Schott jackets by contrast fit great and are sturdy as hell. Basically, you get what you pay for. If your patient, and lucky, on ebay you can snag an American made Schott for what you'd pay for that ASOS copy. 


The LC949D

The LC940D

CC118 on 11/14/17 at 02:27 AM

Like Ramonesome wrote (2 years ago!) the LC-jackets are more like fashion items, constructed of thinner leather than their US counterparts.  But many of them still are of good quality! I own several US made Schotts (118, 626VN, 115, 630 Highwayman and 184SM) and also a few Schott jackets made for the European markets. To my mind these European jackets easily beat the typical off-the-rack mall and supermarket offerings (such as Zara, Saki, Zalando etc.) The European Schotts do lack the mystery and aura of the genuine US Schotts, though!

The European models are actually made in Pakistan. All of them. Not China. I got this information from the French distributor. 

To my mind, the European Cafe Racer LC940D is a nice spring & fall jacket with many pockets and very smooth leather. I like it a lot. At first the "shoulder poofiness" might be there, depending on your shoulder width and slope. In two weeks the leather will settle and drape correctly. Another non-US model I like a lot is the rather simple LC5100 in brown (pictured below). Right now, it's my everyday go-to-jacket. 


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