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Is this a French 615 from the mid 90's?

I am trying to confirm the style of this Schott jacket and the type of leather (naked or steerhide). There is no identification label in any of the pockets but I am thinking it could be a 615 made for the European market in the mid 90's via a French distributer. It is brown in colour. I will attach a few photos. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Thanks

20190416_130344_001_resized1.jpg 20190416_130551_resized1.jpg 20190416_130432_resized1.jpg 20190416_130458_resized1.jpg 20190416_130252_resized1.jpg 20190416_130324_001_resized1.jpg 20190416_130604_resized1.jpg 20190416_130636_resized1.jpg 20190416_130717_resized1.jpg

Gail on 04/16/19 at 08:59 AM

The jacket is either a style #615 in a Steerhide leather or possibly a #115 in a Naked Cowhide. Based on the Care label with the symbols and French instructions, it would be a jacket from a production lot for our distributor in France. The jacket also being in the color Brown would enforce the jacket being offered in Europe. In Europe brown was the predominate color for motorcycle riding jackets while in the US black was the predominate color. Since there is no pocket ticket in the snap pocket or other pockets on the jacket, I can only confirm we freed the 615 and 115 in our US line in the mid-80's. Since this was a special production lot for our distributor it could have been made in the 80's or the 90's, the year it was produced did not have to match when we making production for our US line as it was a special order. 


NeilUK on 04/16/19 at 09:15 AM

Many thanks Gail
Is there any way at all I could find out if it is a #615 or a #115 without the pocket ticket?

 I think it may have to stay a mystery!

Gail on 04/17/19 at 07:42 AM

Unfortunately, I can not confirm a type of leather by photos. In vintage jackets it can even be harder because previous owners may have applied products to a Naked Cowhide leather that would produce a shine on the leather. The Steerhide leather has a much firmer/stiffer hand then a Naked Cowhide, but with age and years of wear it can break-in making the Steerhide leather a softer hand. 


NeilUK on 04/17/19 at 08:49 AM

Thanks Gail

Looks like the type of hide will have to stay a mystery.
All that said it is a beautiful jacket and a credit to the expertise and quality at Schott.
Can't wait to hunt down the next one!
Thanks for your help

Ricardbacker on 04/20/19 at 09:34 AM

Hello, I'm from France and I've seen many many 115 in brown color but not 615 brown yet. If it can help you....


NeilUK on 04/21/19 at 08:12 AM

Thanks for your help Ricard
Some days I think it is a 615 other days I think it is a 115.
Now i think it could be 115 - hahahaha
Best wishes


Ricardbacker on 04/21/19 at 12:37 PM

I've just remind me something... From what I've know and seen, one difference between 115 and 615 (except type of leather of course) is the inside pocket.

Please have a look at this picture;

on the left it's my 115 brown (mid-late 80's), on the right it's my 615 black (around 1986)

Maybe can Gail help us...



NeilUK on 04/22/19 at 01:37 AM

My inside pocket is the same as your jacket on the left (the 115)

Maybe a 615 in brown would also have the same lining and inside pocket as the 115 in brown?  

Unforyunately, I cannot find a photo of a 615 (steerhide) in brown
I have had a quick look in the forum and all the 615 jackets seem to be black here

Gail on 04/22/19 at 07:08 AM

Unfortunately, there are many dates I do not have on when a jacket change was made to a style. I can tell you when we changed the inside pocket from a heavy duck type cloth to a leather, the change would have been made in both colors. We would not keep the brown jacket with a cloth pocket and change the black to a leather. The cloth pocket would be on a older jacket. From 1970-1979 we offered the 615 in our line and was then re-introduced back into the line in 1985 & 1986. The style 115 was only offered in our line in 1983 & 1984.


NeilUK on 04/23/19 at 05:21 AM

Thanks Gail

So it appears that the only difference between a 615 and 115 is the leather. The cloth or leather internal pockets were used on both models at the same time, but the cloth pocket is from earlier models

According to RicardBacker the 615 in brown seems to be quite rare in Europe, maybe because the french distributor ordered mostly the 115 in brown.

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