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information sought on 684 & 184sm Jackets

Recently acquired 2 Schott jackets in UK.

Pocket tickets read:

Lot 2035 Bndl 076   684 SM 

Condition : Sound  with some loss of colour

Lot 1043 Bndl 006.  184  SM

Both size 46 XL

Condition : Excellent all round.

    Can you  advise please

Approximate year of manufacture

Likely hide type.

Is the Zip out liner and fur collar interchangeable.

Kind Regards

Gail on 07/23/19 at 08:12 AM

The Steerhide leather style 684SM was in our line from 1977 to 1990. Based on the Lot #2035 this jacket was produced between 1985 - 1990. The Naked Cowhide leather style 184SM was first offered in our line in 1978 and we still offer the jacket in our line. Based on the pocket ticket not having a barcode number I can only confirm it was produced prior to 1993. With the Lot #1043 probably mid-late 80's. The size of any collar must match the size of the jacket for snap placement, also based on the age there may have been a pattern size change in the collar. The liner would also have to be the same size as the jacket and the zipper teeth must mesh together correctly. Zipper teeth can vary on the tapes depending on the manufacturer and each production lot of zippers. Most likely collars and zip-out liners are not interchangeable, unless you get real lucky especially with vintage jackets. Both these jackets are approximately 35 years old.


3stargeneral on 07/23/19 at 04:47 PM

Thanks for the information Gail.I am about to have the items professionally cleaned and am considering refurbishing the 684 which has lost colour on the elbow of a sleeve. Do you recommend recolouring on a garment of this age.

Kind Regards


Gail on 07/24/19 at 06:29 AM

You can redye leather and refurbish the color on the jacket. Many owners of vintage jackets while they may do repairs professionally they keep the markings on the jacket, as that is part of the heritage of a vintage jacket. Having the jackets professionally cleaned will definately help restore the jackets by removing the dirt and sweat on the lining and the cleaning of the leather. If you feel the elbows need to be refurbish by dying, it can be done, but be sure the company doing the readying can match the color to the rest of the jacket. I am assuming the color of the jackets are brown, which may be hard to match so they may suggest you redye the entire jacket. I have suggested for some owners of jackets that want to replace coloring on a scratch or faded area to use the solid shoe polish in a can. You would need to try to match the color with the jacket and then test and use spareingly when applying. Do not use liquid shoe polish, solid polish in the can gives you more accurate amount in the application. This is only a suggestion and you may not feel comfortable trying to restore the jacket yourself.


3stargeneral on 07/29/19 at 07:44 PM

Hello Gail

          Just thought you may be interested to know that the faux fur collar and zip out liner which came with the

184 sm are compatible with the 684 sm.The 184 is in mint condition despite its age.

Zipper pull on the 684 has Schott USA stamped on front & back, 184 has a diamond logo stamped front & back 

and a WM on top of each other on the zip stopper. Is this an aftermarket replacement possibly.

Kind Regards

Gail on 07/30/19 at 07:46 AM

When I gave approximate dates on when these jackets were made, both appeared to be produced around the same years. This would explain the liners and collars being interchangeable as the patterns for the collar size was still the same. On the liner zipper you were lucky that it zipped into both jackets, as the teeth sometimes do not mesh together properly. The zipper with the diamond logo is a zipper that we have also used in jackets. When these jackets were produced, we were just starting to introduce a Schott logo pull on our jackets. During this production time the A/2 Flight jackets were a big fashion item, we produced thousands of the 184SM & 684SM each week. At times we had to order zippers with generic pulls to meet our production needs.


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