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IDing unmarked second hand Schott cafe racer?

I bought what I was told was a Schott second hand from a seller that said:

Classic Schott Perfecto cafe racer motorcycle jacket. Underarm footballs & bi-swing back. Suitable for riding or wearing around town. This is a makers sample jacket” this is made when the company is sourcing the best leather, buttons, zippers etc. This is a one off gifted right before the next official jackets were produced. Never worn. (Measurements) Zipper 22”; Chest-armpit to armpit across 24”; Sleeve-armpit to wrist 18”; Waist-from side to side 22”.


Could anyone help me verify that this was made by Schott?  Seems like it was when I examine the similarities in style between this and my other Schott, but I wanted to verify if it was and if so, what model etc.


No label, included zipper pics as the most identifiable piece of information I have.


Thank you!!!



IMG_72661.jpg IMG_72671.jpg IMG_72682.jpg IMG_72692.jpg IMG_72651.jpg

Gail on 12/20/19 at 04:30 PM

It could be a proto but I cannot confirm that for sure. It looks like our old style 156 or 656 depending n the type of leather. This jacket just has a light weight lining our jacket had a zip-out liner. The Emar zipper places the jacket time around the 80's. I wish I could help more but without labels I just can noy confirm if we made the jacket.


mserra116 on 12/20/19 at 05:41 PM

Thank you Gail!  I believe, from what little I know of leather, that this would be cowhide as opposed to steerhide (my other Schott, this one ).  Is that helpful at all?

Gail on 12/21/19 at 09:31 AM

Yes, on the brown jacket you can see the zip-out liner in the jacket, the black jacket does not have a zip-out liner or any labels, so I really cannot confirm much on the jacket. Possibly some one removed the old lining and zipper in the jacket and replaced it with just an lining. It could be a proto or sample that was purchased at our annual factory sale, where many samples and protos are sold. You never really know the history of a vintage jacket, especially when there is nothing on the jacket to help ID it as a Schott.


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