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Identifying this Perfecto

Hello everyone, I'm from France and I bought a Perfecto jacket on vinted, and I made a mistake confirming before putting on the jacket. 

So here is the Perfecto in size 38, everyone is saying me this a women's model but the shoulders looks wide to me.

Previous owner said it was from the 90's, but as it don't suit me, I would like to know what is it in order to sell it correctly. 


Thanks in Advance! 

Screenshot_20190416_112232_fr1.jpg Screenshot_20190416_112252_fr1.jpg Screenshot_20190416_112257_fr1.jpg

Gail on 04/16/19 at 08:46 AM

Based on the photos you posted, I cannot confirm much as to what style this is. It could be 618/618W or 118/118W depending on the leather and if it is a men's or womens jacket. You need to check the pockets for a white ticket which would have the style number of the jacket and depending on age a barcode number that can confirm when the jacket was made. The ticket can usually be found in the snap coin pocket. I can not see the Flag label for the size of the jacket, which can also confirm if it is a women's or men's jacket. In regards to fit all motorcycle have a snug fir for protection and taper in at the waist at least 4" narrower then the chest. Please post a photo of the pocket ticket.


Captain9 on 04/16/19 at 09:21 AM

Thanks Gail, I really appreciate the precision of your answer. Unfortunately, I'm not at home right now so I would not be able to take a picture of the ticket. 

I have those 2 pics I took one week ago, one of the ticket I think but it's a little blurry, and another of the label.If this doesn't help, I'll make new pics once I'll be home.

And as you're here to answers our questions (big thanks for that, first time I'm experiencing this) I would appreciate your help for another thing : I bought this jacket to ride my old bike, but I was wondering if the 118 or the 618 are the right ones for that. I want a perfecto, but with the one I got the chest length was too small and the sleeve too wide a the shoulder.

So my question is, what perfecto does have a tight fit, a "correct" sized body length and sleeves, and a belt and a leather thicker enough for riding motorcycles?

I hope it's not too tricky to read me, and props to you again for helping us customers

Screenshot_20190416_150705_fr1.jpg Screenshot_20190416_151907_fr1.jpg

Gail on 04/17/19 at 07:35 AM

Based on the pocket ticket this is the Naked Cowhide style #106. This style was a special production jacket for our distributor in France in 1988. The jacet is as the style #118 but with a cropped back length of nay 21", much shorter then the classic 118 jacket. In regards to fit the styles 118/618 are designed for riding with a snug fit, but not a fashion fit with tight sleeves. The jackets have bi-swing backs (gussets behide back of sleeve) this allows for non-constriction of arm movement when riding. All motorcycle jackets taper in at the waist for protection when riding, so a individual's measurements are very important when sizing a jacket, especially if you have an athletic build or a larger waist. I can only suggest you try on a Perfecto in the 118/618 to get a better idea of fit, the 618 does have a smaller fit, while the 118 has a more updated fit. You can contact Denise in our customer service for the measurements specs of the jackets for comparison. Please note on vintage styles the fit can be different, as we have updated the fit of the 118 through the years.


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