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Identification 2 models


I have two question today :

First, is this perfecto a 618HH ? I'm pretty sure it's not  cause no horsehide tag, but the seller is 100% sure it is, what do u think?


Second question, do u know which model is this strange flight/bomber jacket  ? 


Pictures added below

Thx in advance

00df6_n3XPSjA3ZpBmdK1PJ6dryyN11.jpeg 01749_PCJy5wu3p38sd9PFDBRzP9Va1.jpeg 01172_yyS6aQfPHiafgC6tSZAH43Rn1.jpeg 00674_s5pWWDTaAMZcGQsYoU8arRWh1.jpeg 0182a_EMnjTDCjrTmN5ptMQSQsFUDq1.jpeg 01f46_Jg5dnSihx4b1NnfZ9jZAh7nx1.jpeg

Gail on 09/06/17 at 08:49 AM

The Perfecto motorcycle jacket is not a Horsehide style 618HH. All our horsehide jackets have main labels confirming the jacket is Genuine Horsehide. A Perfecto label would be Black, have the wording Genuine Horsehide and the head of a horse. Have the owner check the pockets for a white ticket (usually in the snap coin pocket) for a white ticket which will have the style number of the style on it, which is probably a 618 or 118. 

The second jacket is our Goatskin style #623 which we offered in our lined in 1988 and 1989. I believe the jacket you posted is from 1988 based on the Schott label in the jacket. In out 1989 catalog we list the label as being a Schott Type 5-NA label, so this jacket was from older production. The jacket description was a snorkel jacket with genuine Foxtail trim hood and acrylic sherpa pile lining.


RotationSensation on 09/07/17 at 05:02 AM

Thx ur so precious !

I just purchased this 623 i think it will be too big but it look so nice so i gave it a try.


I added pictures of another 2 jackets i found on a site, do u know them?


11354256631.jpg 11354256641.jpg 0062c_PztftiZhQF2gsyxPoU3a1A4T1.jpeg 00d75_LqgkPx1n9vS6gBH6B9ykuyC31.jpeg 01cd0_pKP7ieBAc5yZ2c7KNtPffTQZ1.jpeg

Gail on 09/07/17 at 08:22 AM

In regards to the #623 it may be a slightly smaller cut then a size 44 as it is a vintage jacket, which are usually a smaller cut then todays sizing in jackets.

The first vest appears to be the Split Cowhide vest #324 which we produced from 1988 - 1995 in our line. It appears the buttons have been replaced as the vest originally had color matching leather buttons. The Schott logo print lining was also used at this time in our vests. If the pocket ticket is still in the pocket it could narrow down the production date.

The second vest is a Naked Cowhide style #122V which we referred to as the Gambler's vest in our description. We offered this vest in our line from 1978 to 1990. The vest pictured is missing the snap tab front closure and another set of conches that were above this snap front closure.



RotationSensation on 09/08/17 at 08:25 AM

Alright thx you, i hope this Goat jacket will fit me, i'll add more informations about both jackets(122V and 324) when i'll receive them, i bought both for 54e shipping included i think it's a fair price. 

Do ui think it's possible to make a new snap tab for this 122v?

I added picture of one more jacket i found, it look like a vintage one since zipper is a Talon, not a leather jacket but look cool, do u know which model it is?




Gail on 09/08/17 at 08:40 AM

It appears to also have the "Bell" pull Talon sleeve zippers, which would be a vinatge jacket. You said the jackwt is not leather, what material is the jacket? Once you confirm the material of the jacket I will try and research it for you. The style appears to be based on the style #615 in the Steerhide leather.


RotationSensation on 09/09/17 at 04:46 AM

Seller said it is made of cloth (french word is "toile")

Gail on 09/09/17 at 09:45 AM

In regards to the snap tab for the vest #122V, you will need to contact Jerri in our customer service. I have listed her email address below. She will need to check with our designer if we can make it for you, she can provide the cost to make the flap and shipping cost. 

In regards to the wool motorcycle jacket, I found a style #718 in a black Melto wool we offered in our line in 1984. The jacket photo does not have this jacket as having a belt as the classic 618 jacket has, it is possible the belt has been cut off. I also found we offered offered a plaid wool style #718 in 1973, though this jacket is not a plaid wool, it is possible we did make it in a solid color during that year. Uforunately I can not provide a definate date on the jacket. The main Schott label represents the 70's - early 80's.



RotationSensation on 09/10/17 at 10:31 AM

Hey, i'll probably order this strange jacket so i'll do more pics when i'll receive it.

Seller of 122V found back the snap tab front closure, im really lucky.

I contacted Jerri a second time about all my problems (jd1, 115, 613, 618L, 122v), first time she never answered but it's probably cause i didnt join pictures.



Gail on 09/11/17 at 07:21 AM

Jerri is usually very good at replying to inquiries, if she needed photos she would have requested them. Check that the email tou sent had the correct email address for Jerri. It is also possible she is out of the office for a few days and please remember our offices are closed on weekends. I have listed Jerri's direct email address for you and also Denise's in case Jerri is out of the office.

Email:    Or


RotationSensation on 09/16/17 at 04:03 PM


Still no answer from Jerri, i'll try to re-send and i'll send one to Denise.


During this time i bought 2 another perfecto, one BLUE, and a police, it look like the 602 but shorter.

Sadly the blue one is a size 36 so it will be too small but my bro' will maybe take it, if no i'll sell it

I joined pictures, do u know which style is this short 602?



00e31_nwFR4JaD3n9PyZjy7Y6kJFA81.jpeg 00ca3_DVQrqQsLox6qhZPhxfZQP9NH1.jpeg 007a6_Ck6B6hNo4qbonDP9zfMHL6cC1.jpeg 02155_anPvjtFfdH6vjfVtZgG53Vjv1.jpeg 019e3_AGyPyaS7ndwW47K1tEcdzyCy1.jpeg 00807_sbRti2oyeSHATvZJ3d2HCAM61.jpeg 004c8_krVutDDFgE7uJc3boKsUhXHb1.jpeg

Gail on 09/18/17 at 09:07 AM

Let me say first, I just noticed your "RotationSensation" is part of your email address, this may be the reason Jerri has not responded as your emails may be going to her Spam folder.

The Royal blue jacket was style #818 and was in our line in 1992 in a Soft Steerhide, the jacket did feature the old Bull Label and the Schott pocket label. We offered the #818 for 2 years in 1992 & 1993, but only blue was offered in 1992. These were fashion colored jackets that we offered.

The second jacket is not a style #602 and does not appear to be a police jacket. Have ypu checked in the pockets for the white ticket which may have the style number on it? I think this may be a style we made for a company as a  security jacket. The short length, bottom band with snap is more of a security jacket style. It does not appear that the jacket has any snap side vents as the police jacket have.


RotationSensation on 09/18/17 at 01:14 PM

Jerri just answered, she is very busy atm that's why it took that long


So about my jackets, i checked for other #818 on google and they dont have the Schott logo on the lighter/front pocket, also the logo is the bike and not the bull like on mine, that is strange isn't it ?


Sadly i haven't received the jackets yet so i can't add more pictures but as soon as they arrive i'll post here, i really like the "security jacket" and i hope it will fit me.

Also the #623 is wayyy too big for me, it size like a 46, so i'm selling it, really sad cause it is a really epic jacket.


Btw : do u think i should use this thread everytime i need informations about a jacket ? Instead of creating a new one for each request

Gail on 09/19/17 at 07:53 AM

I did notice the Bull label used prior to the mid-80's in jackets and the logo pocket ticket which we used on jckets in 1983 & 1984. I checked our catalog photos and for both 1992 & 1993 the jacket had the M/C Perfecto label and no logo pocket ticket. It is possible this jacket was a proto jacket or sample jacket and these labels were changed prior to production lots. It could also be a production lot of jackets we made for a retailer. Once you get the jacket, lets hope the pocket ticket can shed some light on the jacket.

I do suggest which each new inquiry on a jacket you start a new post, it is much easier to see each response for each jacket. You also can check the post for each jacket easier without having to scroll through numerous posts to see the response to your lastest inquiry.


RotationSensation on 09/21/17 at 07:09 AM

Havent received them yet, as soon as i can ill upload pics here, lets hope the ticket is still in place


And thx for ur advice, ill create a nes post for each request

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