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ID this Jacket from FRANCE please!!!

Greetings Schott family! From Paris-France i follow your products since beginning of 90's bombers mode in Paris!! I must say you have the Schott yeah!!! Perfecto was still back then a "must" for rockabilly badboys. Funny thing is that Punk wore Black Bombers with orange inner lining at the very same period! While Hip-Hop movement and its funk nostalgic dresscode turned to long lenght jacket leather SCHOTT... Still today a Schott is a Schott no matter what luxurious brand come out there with most beautiful leather quality... and price too!!! Strong and versatile enough too hit the road for years.. Affordable enough not to cry over it when it's lost or stolen. Well let's get to the point Frenchman!! Here i am. Bought this jacket for 70€ (100 US dollars). Seems a mix between 135 and a 585??? STYLE REF: LC2142 (export reference?) PO: 2CW1206 ID N°6875 *Is it a real Schott or a copy? I see Final inspection on June 2012 so it seemed pretty new for this price (100 dol) *What's the US reference for this jacket? *It doesn't say where it has been manufactured. Could you help me on this?` *How could i make it a bit more waterproof without ruining it? Thanks in advance for your answer. RnZo from Paris.

image5.jpeg image21.jpeg image13.jpeg image41.jpeg image31.jpeg

Gail on 02/14/13 at 01:35 PM

There is another post below your about the same style only from the UK. Our styles do differ internationally, this style was not offered or made in our US factory. I have listed our distributor in the France to contact on information pretaining to the jacket. 

Leather should not be waterproofed as it needs to breathe any product containing a sealer such as silicone will only dry out the leather causing it to become stiff and rot.. Gail 


Groupe J.A.J., Paris France
Phone # 33 141 58 62 20                                                        


RnZo on 02/14/13 at 03:13 PM

Thanks for your answer! Does this mean it has been manufactured in UK or in Far East? Big Up RnZo

Gail on 02/14/13 at 03:22 PM

We have distributors in Europe that with our approval of the jacket have jackets made that they feel consumers in their countries would like. You can contact your distributor in France to request the origin of the jackrt as I do not have that information. All jackets produced or sold in the US as required by  USA law will have a label of origin in the jacket that it was made in the USA. The countries in Europe do not have this requirement. Gail

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