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I love my Perfecto 118

I'm so glad I purchased this jacket. Although it's tough breaking in a new jacket, each time I wear it on it fits better. I ride a sport bike and asked for a smaller fit and thats just what I received.

Gail helped me the same day I e-mailed with sizing questions. That same day I purchased the jacket it was shipped. That is Great Service..

Thanks Gail.. 

There is no flap or movement from this jacket. The leather is so thick and smooth that I know it would protect me if needed. Every day someone compliments me on the quality and style.

Here in California, the weather is good for riding most of the year and I will have it on each ride.

It a contradiction in style. Sport bike-Bad Boy Jacket. Old school-New School.

Nothing better than pulling along side a Harley rider with the Perfecto and see him wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I would rather sweat than bleed...Even while cruising, the road hurts. I challenge ALL riders to wear their jackets each time they ride.

Man, Times have changed..


If your thinking about a jacket, this is the finest you can get.


Have a great day

Gee Aye


kiwidave on 07/06/05 at 12:09 AM

well here's what makes ME laugh whilst riding my HD (Sportster) & (always) wearing my "1928" jacket i might add namely guys on sport-bikes wearing state of the art, high-tech,visored, full face helmets whilst completing the riding outfit with shorts t-shirts sneakers (this is a popular summer look on the freeways in my part of California) yes,yes it's better the brain stay intact so's to accurately convey the PAIN from the rest of the roadrashed - shredded - splintered body whew !!! mini-rant over this V-Twinner feels a little betta morons ride ALL kinds of bikes {{ us enlightened ones' ride in SCHOTT }}

garmenia on 08/18/05 at 06:59 AM

Hey KiwiDave,

You are sooo right. I too see both sport and big bikes in short and sneakers.

I shouldn't have been so short sited.

I have sense sold my sport bike and purchased a Star 1100 Silverado. (cruiser) and the jacket is even more at home on the new bike. It is finally starting to break in and fold to my arms and gloves.

Have fun with your 1928


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