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Howdy,Question regarding your anniversary jacket

Howdy,Im debating treating myself to one of your fine jackets. My question is about your anniversary jacket. How close are they to the original 1928 Jackets? Another question. Someone once told me that the Jacket that Brando is wearing in the "Wild one" is a Schott. But someone else told me that it was a Langlitz. Do you guys know if it was one of yours? You guts make some really sweet jackets. Ive been trying to steal my buddys for a couple a yeasr now! Anyways Keep up the good work!

HellboundGreaser on 01/05/05 at 03:08 PM

Oops I just noticed the thread below regarding Brandos Perfecto. That answers that question...Thanks

LarryA on 01/07/05 at 09:39 PM

Hi, I would like to know which retailers carry the Perfecto Mcy Jackets within 50 miles

North-West-South- West of NYC.

I got a list of retailers from the locator page, but calling yields mostly negative

re: the Perfecto, and especially the 1928.  I would like to see these in person before

buying.    Can anyone help?   Thanks


Gail on 01/11/05 at 05:46 PM

Dear Deke & Larry,

I will try to answer both of your posted inquiries, as you now know Deke we did manufacturer the Marlon Brando jacket and our 75th. Anniversary jacket is a limited edition of the first Motorcycle jacket made. The jacket is made to the authentic styling of the original production in 1928.

 There are some areas throughout the US that do not have retailers carrying our jackets. This was the main reason for our company to start our website enabling consumers to purchase directly from us. We have also found that many retailers even though they carry our jackets no longer stock numerous styles and sizes. Unfortunately the economy has made it impossible for some retailers to inventory as they had in the past. On our website we have the Store Locator for retailers in your area, unfortunately we do not have the retailers stock position.

    If you are unable to locate a retailer near you, we will help with your online purchase. You can email me all your measurements, or ask me any question pertaining to your purchase and correct size to order. For all size inquiries please contact me through our customer service email address.


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