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How should a Perfecto fit?

I sourced a 613S One Star Perfecto from Tokyo to buy, but as I have no knowledge or previous purchase of a Schott jacket I wasn't sure how they should fit. When I tried it on it felt snug, I was able to get it zipped up but because I dont know how a Schott jacket is supposed to fit, I didnt know if it was tight or if that is how leather jackets are supposed to be. When lifting my arms at or above head level it felt a little restrictive.

It was a size 38 and I usually fit a Medium on most jackets. I just wanted to know how should a Schott perfecto fit? Would the 38 be good for me, or would I have to size up to a 40? I am verry sorry but I do not have photos. Just the description above. Filled out the shoulders as i have broad shoulders, can easily zip it up, but lifting arms up and twisting around my torso felt a bit restrictive.

Gail on 10/12/19 at 07:54 AM

The style 613S is the "slim" fit version of the style 613. Under our description for the classic 613/618 we advise to checking sizing as the jackets are a close fitting cut and you may need to size-up. The 613S is even the slimmer version of the style. As with any motorcycle jacket fit can also depend on a persons measurements, if you have a athletic build or a large waistline then sizing is not always based on the chest size. In addition sizing can also depend on the preference of the person and the fit & look he wants to achieve. The best guide I believe is, if it does not feel comfortable to wear then it is not a good size for you. You can contact Denise in customer service and she can send you the measurements for the 613S and 613 so you can compare the differences in the styles and sizes.



Dphillip on 10/13/19 at 08:34 PM

A motorcycle jacket is designed for riding a motorcycle. It should be snug to the rider with no excess material left to flap in the wind. The collar should be snug to the neck when fully zipped to keep wind from blowing into the jacket which is also the reason for the zipper sleeves. You should have no restrictions when extending your arms forward as you would when riding. The leather jacket is the riders second skin and the only protection in the event of a crash.

When properly fit they also look damn good!

Gail on 10/14/19 at 07:07 AM

DPHILIP has nailed a very good description of how a motorcycle should actual fit, covering every aspect of the jacket. I can only add the sleeves will be about 1-1/2" past the wrist, this allows for when riding and the arms are extended causing the sleeve to ride up. If you are a rider or want to look like a rider this is the fit you need. If you are looking for a fashion look and not a rider then the preference is yours for the look & fit.


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