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Schott motorcycle jacket protection

I do not dispute that perfectos are high quality and very nice jackets. Excellent for the wind and the rain but many other jackets are. I want to focus on safety because they are jackets for motorcyclists. The most of this type jackets have hard plates or padded for protection on elbows and shoulders and sometimes on back. The perfectos haven't any kind of protection. So are perfectos able to help a rider in an accident?

Albatross on 10/13/13 at 04:45 PM

I've been riding since I was 16 and have been through all kinds of jackets and accidents so from my point of view, I'd say that the best answer to your question is - it depends on the accident.

Leather jackets will protect you if your simply take a spill and slide off your bike, as you can count on the leather to take all the sliding damage, in place of your own precious hide - and the leather Schott uses (3oz, if I'm not mistaken) certainly is thick enough to do the job - but there is no such leather in the world that can lessen the impact damage - that's what the armor is for. Modern armor has reached a point where it's really, really good, so when it comes to safety, in combination with either leather or any of the quality, modern textile material, there's simply no comparison between one such armored jacket and the good old Perfecto.

These jackets are dated and while they do a good job of protecting you against the wind, rain and bugs, if it's safety you're after, modern armored jackets win - it's a no contest. Regarding leather thickness, some people claim that I don't know, Vanson, Aero or Lost Worlds jackets offer more protection but that's complete and utter nonsense. If you end up in an accident bad enough to rip through your Schott, rest assured that any of the above mentioned brands would end up in the same manner. 0,2mm of leather does not make any difference whatsoever.

So why do people still wear Perfectos? Because they're so God damn cool looking, 'cause let's face it - 99% of todays riding gear looks like utter crap. Not everyone wants to look like a future day-glo soldier. Today, Perfecto-styled jacket is a fashion statement before anything else, keep that in mind.

Having said that, I only wear Perfectos when I ride. I have Aero and Schott, both in HH, and I do it because it's the style I'm after but the fact remains that each time I sit on my bike, I'm taking helluva lot more risk than any of my fellow motorcyclists who are wearing proper armored gear.

You can always buy a larger Perfecto and wear it over the armor, or even have the armor sewn in, which is what some folk do.

richgreene on 10/13/13 at 07:32 PM

Hell----probably 90% of the guys buying them these days wouldnt even known how to start a bike let alone worry about armor protection. The past few years it seems Schott is concentrating on building their jackets for the little guys that want a slim fit.  Most of these "lavender Lad" types are Schotts biggest customers and demand a tailored look over any kind of road protection.  I've been wearing Perfectos for 40+ years and can remember when you saw a guy wearing one you asked what kind of scoot he rides, NOT what his favorite latte is.



Nickos on 10/14/13 at 03:29 AM

The Perfecto is a fashion wear since '70-'80 like MA-1, A-2, G-1 and many other jackets which have a spesific use in the past. But that don't meens that have lose their features are just from an other time. The technology pass off. Personally i understand to wear them for fashion but TODAY not for serious riding. I wore Dainese armored jacket whenever i ride. Yes I look like robocop but i want my bones safe. Before releasing of robocop jackets i had wore racer, perfecto and denim jackets. On accidents ... fortunately I never had a serious accident but in many falls my skin didn't ever injured with leather jackets. I don't think that perfectos can take armor plates. The armor need tight fit. In perfectos sleeves the armor for the elbows can't be in the right seat. I just want to see if riders know that the safety is more important and the technology has passed off 2 decades or more now from just a hard leather jacket.

Albatross on 10/14/13 at 04:38 AM

True what Nickos said. Also, the Perfecto style jacket also happens to be a major trend this year, and the fact that all the stars, so to call these people, seem to flaunt them around nowadays doesn't help either. However, I don't think that the Schott has succumbed to the fashion cut just yet - the 618 still does seem to be a traditionally cut jacket that allows layering and all that's needed for riding, while if it's fashion-y, slim cut you're after, there's a whole range of mid-weight Perfecto's that do seem to be more look than show. I'm never the one to go with the manly men mentality - cuz then I'd be wearing Lost Worlds and their 72oz lethar jackut which is what real men wear according to Stu XD - but I too would prefer to see the Perfecto for what it is, unchanged. It's an old jacket that once served a purpose and there's really no point in trying to fit one over Justin Bieber or Stefani Germanotta so that it'd look slim and fit.

Nickos, you can always wear a turtle underneath or something of a kind! :) Certainly, the 618 baggy sleeves allow for elbow armor (tested) and going one size up will give you enough room for chest and back plates, though I completely agree with you - Dainese, Alpinestars, Spidi, RS Taichi, Held, etc. makes a proper riding gear that absolutely should be worn for serious riding over the Perfecto, regardless of which company made it. Seriously, I don't think that the Perfecto even passes as a riding jacket in most of European countries which require you to wear armor and reflective clothes on a bike by law. So be smart and ride safe.

Nickos on 10/14/13 at 05:29 AM

You mean wear plates under of perrfecto (the old style armor). I saw that you can't sew pockets for plates on perfecto. In europe at least in Greece perfectos, racers and that kind of jackets have stoped to considere serious protective gear since '80s. Before the 80s there wasn't anything else anyway. Essentially the old motorbike jackets aimed in protection for the weather, the right fit for biking and to not scarification if you fall down ... of course the motorbikes weren't so strong as today... '20s bikes were more like 100cc scooters. But doesn;t means that aren't good jackets for the winter's cold and air. The MA-1 too are famous for the water resistant and the insulation...Must not be pilots to wear them. The airforces don't use them anymore and of course today are dated for the use who intended but still doing its job.

richgreene on 10/14/13 at 05:38 PM

I almost choked on my ham sandwich laughing at Albatross' Stu reference. Whatever the case may be with Schott, love them or hate them theyve NEVER been guilty of bad mouthing anyone elses product or bragging theyre superior to any one else.  About 10 years ago I fell under the spell of Stu "the unibomber"s manefesto. I went ahead and ordered one of nhis Buco replicas not realizing a size 48 meant exactly that, 24" across the chest. Also the lack of underarm footballs rendered it USELESS for bike riding. I sent it back the same day and ordered a Schott Made Legendary Leather Black Stallion, and at half the price was/is a superior jacket to the Lost World brand.

Albatross on 10/14/13 at 07:45 PM

Haha, it's always good to hear from another happy Lost World customer! Now I'm laughing hard at your Stu's unibomber manifesto reference. Sometimes I read his website just for the kick of it. I'm surprised you even managed to get your order through! But you're right, Schott never did either badmouth another manufacturer or claimed to be better than anyone else and nor should we. Besides, LW makes a very good product, especially if it's the sort of thing you're after, but their jackets are far from perfect and that one additional oz  simply doesn't justify the insane price they're charging for their jackets. Horsehide isn't as abundant as it used to be but it certainly isn't that bloody rare! Stu isn't such a bad guy, if you DON'T get to know him. XD Back when I thought that leather thickness is the most important thing in the world, I've tried to get a classic Perfecto/Brando styled jacket from LW but they insisted that I get one of their Buco models instead due to it being 'superior' so I've went with Aero instead.

Speaking of leather thickness, both Aero and Schott are making garments that are actually quite thicker than the vintage pieces they've based their merchandise on. I've went through quite a few vintage MC jackets and you'd be surprised how deceivingly thin the horsehide they were using back in the days was.

By the way, richgreene, the first paragraph of my previous post was meant as a reply to your post, so it should've been 'True what richgreene said' - Nickos reply must've appeared as I hit the reply button, so I automatically assumed it's your post I'm replying to. That's not to say that I don't agree with everything Nickos said! :)

Nickos, you can't sew that much on a Perfecto, but you can still wear some of that connected armor underneath. It is designed in such a way to be worn under a jacket, as you're supposed to put it only over your T-shirt. It's a very tight sitting armor intended just for such use. That would be a very good combo, I'd imagine! But I agree 100% with you on everything. I'm riding a rather slow Russian field motorcycle manufactured by Ural so the Perfecto is good enough for the job, but I'd rather not risking wearing only leather when I take out a Ducati - besides, Perfecto really isn't too good of a design for any type of motorcycle that requires a rider to kiss the gas cap. :)

richgreene on 10/16/13 at 05:38 PM

Speaking of horsehide leather thickness, there is a Big difference in the Black Stallion and the one I just got today. I got a super deal on a 689H from an HD dealer Via ebay---$575 shipped for a size 50  (fits more like a 48)  The 689s probably half the thickness than the Stallion. The 689'll be my dress leather and the Stallion for riding.  I've been riding longer than I can admit and have Always felt comfortable in a Schott.  You should see a lot of the sportbike fiends in their wife-beaters, board shorts and flipflops around here !!!!.  Funniest I've seen lately was a guy all leathered up helmet and all while his girlfriend held on for deal life with her tanktop flying up, shortshorts and flops with No skidlid-------Priceless !!!!!!

Albatross on 10/16/13 at 09:00 PM

That's what I've been meaning to ask Schott - are they using some kind of different HH for Legendary products, or is it the same type of leather they're making their jackets from? I've only seen one Legendary Black Stallion jacket but while it didn't seem to be any different than my 618HH - which was also the same thickness as Aero FQHH - the leather was thicker than that one 641HH I've had a chance of handling. I don't get this. Maybe it was just different hides... But my 618HH jacket is made of really thick HH.

I can only imagine, as I've seen some horrors like that here as well. I'm in Europe, so if you don't look like something out of a video game, you're not a proper rider. It's rather horrible!

richgreene on 10/16/13 at 10:40 PM

I dont know Albatross, I've got both colors in the LL Stallions and theyre thicker and Way heavier than the 689H. I like them all, wore the 689 for a couple hours today and its very comfortable and will probably break in a couple weeks, the Stallions take forever The Stallions are also cut like an old time Perfecto and theyre cut to size wher the 689 is not. Overall both versions are superb, just completely different animals.

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