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Help with Discoloration/Fading 141

I have a 141 in Brown that I bought this past fall.  I love this jacket and it has become my go to piece for motorcycle riding because of its great fit and wind blocking abilities (and it looks awesome).  With spring warming up I've had to start frequently clean the bugs off my jacket.

I've only been using water and a microfiber to clean my jacket, but I had a trouble spot the other week and had to be a little more forceful to rub the bugs and dirt off in one area.  This past weekend I was out riding again when my buddy pointed to my jacket and asked what happened.  I took a closer look and it seems I might have rubbed the leather a little too hard on the shoulder where the trouble spot was.  The area had lightened up and it was a little more noticeable in the bright sun.

Anybody have any suggestions how I might be able to restore some of the discoloration/fading?  I've seen mink oil recommended, but I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with this.  This jacket is still really new to me and although I know it will wear and fade in certain areas over time I want it to patina naturally.  I definitely want to maintain this great looking investment for many years to come and caution others especially motorcycle riders about applying too much pressure when they're cleaning their jackets.   

Gail on 04/22/13 at 03:01 PM

The naked cowhide leather has no finish so products can become absorbed into the leather and with rubbing can discolor the leather or lighten. This is the reason we never recommend putting products on leather. We only recommend saddle soap for a light cleaning and mink oil used lightly for conditioning. Mink oil sometimes will darken the leather so it is worth a try. Without seeing the difference in shading in that area it is hard to say what your best options are and how noticeable the area is. Your only other option would be apply a leather dye to that area.  In your jacket  there is a Leather Care Label for Arrow Cleaning, they also do restoration on jackets. They would be the people I would recommend to do any leather dying to cover the lighter area, as they can match the brown of the jacket. Gail

JohnS on 04/23/13 at 01:40 PM

Thanks, Gail.  Do you have any recommendations for a particular brand of Mink Oil?  I was going to pick up some Kiwi Mink Oil with the following description:

"KIWI Mink Oil contains a rich blend of mink oil, silicone, and lanolin which conditions and waterproofs smooth leather."

I'm just concerned that this Mink Oil contains silicone and I've seen on this forum where silicone based products can cause the natural cowhide to dry out.  Do you have any experience with the Kiwi brand, or do you know of another brand I should look at?

Gail on 04/23/13 at 02:29 PM

Do not use this brand of mink oil as it does contain silcone which is very bad for leather. I do not have a name brand I can give you, but as long as it does not have silicone as a content it will be OK. Possibly check the internet for different brands, I typed in pure mink oil and several sites came up. Gail 

JohnS on 04/29/13 at 10:25 AM

Gail, thanks for your help.  I purchased some mink oil from ebay for $20 plus shipping.  If you google 100% pure mink oil, the very first link will lead you to the right product.  It is called Mink Oil by Think Mink and is 100% pure.  I applied this to the worn out and discolored areas using an old soft cotton t-shirt.  I was careful just to apply a little at a time to the affected areas and after two applications it looked like I was able to restore the faded areas. 

I found that this stuff works really great on areas that tend to have a little wear and tear: for me around the cuffs and on the sleeves.  If you use your jacket for riding I highly recommend getting some of this, as wear and tear is inevitable.  My jacket now looks like it did at time of purchase and now I have a product I can feel comfortable using to protect it for years to come.


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