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Help! My Perfecto 118 L is too big - cannot return.

I bought a Schott Perfecto 118 Long from Legendary USA and they assured me that a size 44 L would fit just like a Large Long in Harley Davidson like I've own previously.  There are no dealers of Schott anywhere in Northern Colorado so I had to trust their word.  When I recieved the jacket it was much to large but since I removed the tags in my excitment I was unable to return it. So I'm stuck with a Jacket that is really baggy in the arms and chest and beats the crap out of me on the highway.  I have called a few tailors around the area and they've told me that it would cost almost as much as a new jacket to have it resized.  What should I do? It's only been used a few times. Do these jackets bring good money on resale?  Please help, I'm at a loss here. Thank you.



Gail on 06/22/05 at 12:39 PM

Dear Dustin,

Unfortunately you have had a disappointing experience with your internet purchase. I know Legendary USA is a very reputable retailer and would gladly have taken the jacket back for a exchange if the tags had not been removed. Most retailers including our company require the tags must be on the jacket for a return. Though we can not help you in this purchase, I would like to provide a little knowledge before your next purchase on any item. Do not compare sizing of items from different manufacturers as being the same. Each manufacturer grade patterns differently, even similar styles by the same manufacturer can have a different fit. If you are unsure of the size you need, contact the manufacturer directly on sizing question. I receive numerous inquiries daily on the correct size to purchase. Whether you purchase directly from us or a retailer we want the consumer to be informed. For sizing always remember that sizes such as small, medium, large etc. are when 2 sizes are graded together, while sizes in 40,42,44 etc. are sized on actual chest measurements. In regards to the resale value on the jacket, I would be unable to tell you what you could sell the jacket for. I would suggest you check prices on Ebay to give you a idea on other used Schott jacket prices. We both know the value of the jacket and I am sure other people looking for a Schott Jacket will also know the value. Gail

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