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Help identifying style of a Schott jacket

Hi, I had this jacket but it's been left in another country until I can get back. It's got some wear and tear on it, so I was thinking if I can find another of the exact same type, I'd buy another.

The thing is I don't have any photos of the tags inside the pocket with all the identifying numbers on it and I don't have any other besides these 3 photos. Above the collar tag, ther doesn't seem to be one of those buttons that I see every other Schott I've ever seen have - so I'm puzzled by that.



IMG_17332.jpg IMG_27762.jpg IMG_27723.jpg

Gail on 06/08/19 at 07:56 AM

The jacket is either our Classic motorcycle style 618 in the Steerhide leather or the Naked Cowhide version #118. The Perfecto main labels confirms it is the 618 or 118. We did offer other less expensive jackets in this style but the jacket would not have a Perfecto label in it. In regards to the snap part on the back of the jacket under the collar, in  the early 90's this snap part for discontinued on the jacket for approximately 6 months. This snap accommodates the distachable optional collar, sold separately. In the early 90's we discontinued the collar style 618M, sober discontinued the snap on the jacket. We heard from our Perfecto customers requesting the snap be once again placed on the jacket and we offer the optional collar again in our line. From our customers we heard that the snap on the back even if not used for a collar was a symbol of the jacket being worn was a genuine Perfecto jacket. It was a marking on the jacket that symbolized the jacket as being the real deal and kind of a logo before logo's were the in thing. We have even had customers send in their jackets to have the snap added if it was not on their jacket.


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