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Have I been Duped? Real or fake Perfecto

In haste I bought a jacket off of Ebay for my son - I am wondering now, if I have been scammed.  I cant find this particular jacket/liner/tag combo anywhere online... so I turn to you!!  What do you think!?

I havn't received the jacket yet to inspect any further. I should have it within a few days.

sl1600246.jpg sl1600247.jpg sl1600248.jpg sl1600249.jpg sl1600250.jpg

Gail on 12/03/19 at 09:07 AM

The jacket is our jacket and appears to be the style 626. When you receive the jacket check the pockets for a white ticket which will have the style number. The ticket will also have a barcode number which can confirm the year it was produced. If you post a photo of the pocket ticket I can provide more information.


AuntieCOCO on 12/03/19 at 09:13 AM

Thank YOu Thank You Thank You!!!!  I have been zooming in on the pictures I have of this jacket... And although I would be extremely dissapointed to have been "suckered" I had come to the conclusion that - If I bought a fake Schott, the consolation prize is that its a really nice fake.   I am so glad that I wrote to you!  For two days now I have been trolling this forum and I am impressed with your profesionalism and knowlege Gail!  KUDOS to you!  

Do you know if Schott used these vintage crest labels in any newer proucts? (Im down the Rabbit Hole now!)

rediculously exited about this jacket.  lol - its not normal! :)


Trunk on 12/04/19 at 01:04 PM

AuntieCOCO wrote:

Do you know if Schott used these vintage crest labels in any newer proucts? (Im down the Rabbit Hole now!)

The jackets they make for the Japanese market (i.e., 613US, 613UST, 641XX) use the label. I'm sure there are others, but those are three examples.

Gail on 12/05/19 at 08:00 AM

The Schott Crest label was originally used in our jackets in the 60's & 70's in some of out styles. In Japan they like the authenticity of a vintage jacket and we did produce special production lots for our Japanese distributor. We then in recent years added the Crest label design back into our line to be used in some styles.


AuntieCOCO on 12/05/19 at 02:20 PM

It arrived! It is a remarkable jackt - A little smaller than Id hoped for though.  Thank you!



Gail on 12/06/19 at 05:20 AM

The jacket is designed for a slim fit and based on the barcode was produced in 2012. In 2012 when we first offered the style it was designed for a Fashion style jacket that had become so popular of a slim fitting m/c jacket. The light weight jacket became very popular with riders for Spring & Fall riding and in the warmer parts of the country, we then in 2014 added a bi-swing back and zippered sleeve gussets for riding.


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