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Has Schott ever used bison leather for their jackets?

Wondering if Schott has used American Bison leather, similar to Coronado Leather's offerings, and if not, why? And, would horsehide or bison be the better choice for a motorcycle jacket? 

spedry on 03/16/19 at 04:55 AM

On THIS 543 vintage waxy Buffalo leather jacket. I dont know if Buffalo is an imported leather or American bison.

Gail on 03/16/19 at 09:20 AM

To the best of my knowledge Bison and Buffalo are the same animal, anyone please correct me if I am wrong. Kind of like Steerhide and Cowhide both are the same animal hides. We have used Buffalo/Bison leather in our jackets. I will research your question on if it is American Bison Leather. Not sure what the difference of a hide would be from a certain country as a Bison/Buffalo is the type of animal and the quality of any hide in any country would be the same, leather is not a man made product that you have control on of how it is made. When hides from any country are received at a tannery they are graded, the cleanest hide with no or least scarring and  tick marks are graded as.  A/B hides. Hides with markings are graded less but still very useable and are tanned accordingly to hide any blemishes. Because a leather has markings does not mean it is a thinner less protective hide. Horsehide, Bison, Steerhide and cowhide leathers are all suitable for motorcycle jackets. A motorcycle jacket chosen for riding and protection should be a heavy leather and the jacket be designed for riding and not a fashion look.


Gail on 03/19/19 at 07:24 AM

I did contact Chris at our factory for additional information on Bison/Buffalo question. He was very helpful in providing me with this information. The Bison & Buffalo both belong to the same 'Bovine' biological category, but the Bison is a domestic American animal and the Buffalo is a domestic Africa & Asian animal. The style 543 is Buffalo hide which we purchase from a US company, the hides are from Africa & Asia and are 1.1-1.5mm in thickness. Buffalo and Bison hides are tougher then cowhide and horsehide leather.


LeatherConnoisseur on 03/22/19 at 08:11 AM

Thanks Gail for responding to my post! Everything that you've said confirms my research. Many say that bison is about 40% stronger than other types of leather, but at the end of the day, the weight has a lot to do with durability. I tend to purchase hides that weigh over three ounces, so anything over that I'm good for riding as long as I have the proper fit. I know Schott has an option for custom pieces and I'm contemplating either a 689 style in horse or bison; I wish they made long sizes in the horsehide (141 in 46L fits nicely). From what I've been gathering on sizing in that jacket, I think a 48-50 would be the closest fit but then alterations would more than likely have to made. Looks like a trip to the Schott store is in my future!

Thanks again for your assistance! Best regards. 


Gail on 03/22/19 at 08:42 AM

Just to confirm our style 689H is a Horsehide leather.


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