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Gail - Legendary ???

 Question was posted in another string. Maybe not a question exactly but a supposition that Schott is the manufacturer of Legendary USA jackets. Is this true? If so which models? I had my eye on an Legendary Enforcer and might put both eyes on it if it is actually a Schott made product.




Gail on 11/21/08 at 11:27 AM

Hi AJ,

We do manufacturer several styles for Legendary under their Private Labels, though we are not the manufacturer of the "Enforcer" jacket. Gail

Flattop on 11/21/08 at 02:38 PM

Thanks Gail! I ended up getting an incredible deal on a new Enforcer Ultra. Guess I will see what I see after it is delivered. I got the pakage from you today BTW. MANY THANKS!!!



Flattop on 11/26/08 at 02:48 PM

 Well the jacket arrived. Very nice! Only thing is it does not fit me... I guess I am used to MC jackets fitting a size smaller than tagged. This one is a true 48. If anyone is interested ping me. It is brand new - the tags. They list on the Legendary site for $650. On sale for $499. I'm asking $299.


zebach on 11/26/08 at 03:10 PM

Hi Gail, the leather looks a lot thicker on this particular model jacket... Is this the standard gauge leather, or heavier?

Gail on 11/26/08 at 03:25 PM

Since we are not the manufacturer of this jacket,  I cannot comment on the materials used in the jacket, as I do not know what the specs are on another manufacturers leather. gail 

Flattop on 11/26/08 at 03:54 PM

This jacket is made from 5oz leather. It weighs almost 10 lbs. I really like the heft of it but it's just too dang big on me.

zebach on 11/26/08 at 03:58 PM

Sorry about that, I wasn't familiar with legendary, found it's guage after digging deeper on the web: 3.5 oz (1.4 mm) drum dyed Naked Cowhide Leather. 

Flattop on 11/26/08 at 04:03 PM

That is the spec for the standard Enforcer model. This one is the Enforcer Ultra below it. 5 oz (2.0 mm) cowhide leather You just needed to dig a little deeper LOL.

zebach on 11/26/08 at 04:07 PM

The leather sure looks thicker:

zebach on 11/26/08 at 04:10 PM

Amazing jacket, anyother differences?

Flattop on 11/26/08 at 04:22 PM

The Ultra version also has the brass zippers and hardware as apposed to the standard nickel plated.

 Anyway the $299 will include the shipping charges for the lower 48.

zebach on 11/26/08 at 04:31 PM

Nice price!

5 oz (2.0 mm) cowhide leather, "heaviest weight leather motorcycle jacket made in America."

I'm an XXL - just not sure if I'm more on the 48 side, or the 50? Most jackets are 5 or 6 pounds. AJ, just curious - how much does this weigh?!!

(As far as I'm concerned, the heavier the better!)  

zebach on 11/26/08 at 04:44 PM

"Almost 10lbs" - How does it feel when you're wearing it?!!

Flattop on 11/26/08 at 04:54 PM

Too big! LOL. It feels great but it hangs on me.

Flattop on 12/01/08 at 06:10 PM

!!! SOLD !!!

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