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Fur collar for legendary horse hide

Hi guys, Im keen on a legendary horse hide jacket in brown. Im wondering if its possible to fit a schott fur collar on it? I did a search but there wasnt a definitive answer. Thanks for any help.

Gail on 02/26/13 at 11:42 AM

I am assuming you are inquiry about Legendary's style "Wild Stallion"  in the brown horsehide. This particular style does not have the snaps on the jacket to attach a collar to. Gail

richgreene on 03/01/13 at 06:08 PM

Believe me when I tell you, spend the extra bucks and get the Black Stallion. I've got one of each and hardly ever wear the brown one. You look like a walking Hershey Bar. It's the exact color of chocolate and would look Hideous with a fur collar to boot !!!!

Bunyip on 03/01/13 at 06:33 PM

Classic! Thanks mate, got too many black jjackets, keen on a bwn one. Wasnt sure how diff the colour would be in real life. Its sold out now anyway. Might be a blessing. :)

richgreene on 03/01/13 at 08:09 PM

I just saw that, only 46&48s left. 499 is a Steal. I paid 600+ for mine Including $500 Club Discount. Too Bad, Regards from across the pond,   Rich


Bunyip on 03/01/13 at 08:19 PM

Gday mate, I am a 48 and its sold out. Every time I went to buy it sonething up, $280 speeding ticet, then my dyna battery literally melted terminals, another $400 on wiring, now upits not availabe. Goung to rder an aero J 106...

richgreene on 03/01/13 at 10:15 PM

Yeah the scooter takes top priority around here too. Glad to here from someone that uses their jacket for riding instead of looking trendy at the pubs (HAHAHA). Both my Stallions are 48s. If I ever feel like giving up the brown one I'll give you a shout !!!     Rich

Bunyip on 03/01/13 at 10:47 PM

Cheers mate. Just ordered a j106 of thursten bros roughwear. Brown hh. Looks awsome. They have some good gear. A bit dearer, but great service and well worth a look. I just coldnt quite get used to the legendary colour brown, wasnt sure about it. I wish Schott would make a nice brown hh perfecto or 141, i would be all over it.

richgreene on 03/02/13 at 12:19 AM

Good choice, I cant get used to the color myself. Maybe if I start wearing it and get some character lines in it itll be better  !! ??  Good luck and happy riding,  Rich

Bunyip on 03/02/13 at 12:41 AM

Rich, theres a good thread on fedora lounge about dying hh. The guy that did it had the brown legendary, and dyed it a really nice cordovan colour. Check it out mate, it looks a lovely jacket

richgreene on 03/02/13 at 01:44 PM

Thanks I'll check out the Fedora Lounge and see how he did it. Thanks a lot for the tip !!!!!!

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