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641HH Size 38 For Sale

For Sale: Classic Schott Racer Leather Motorcycle Jacket in Horsehide 641HH, Size 38

I'm parting with this beauty only because it's too big for me. I purchased it directly from Schott in September, and I was so excited about wearing it—I cut the tags off before checking the length while sitting on my bike. My mistake could be your gain; the jacket is in excellent condition as I only wore it for a few weeks before facing the fact that I needed a smaller size. All the zippers function perfectly, and there are no defects with the jacket. It has been worn in enough to where you can wear it comfortably the first day you get it, but it still has plenty of wearing-in to go, so it can ultimately conform to you.
$610 and free shipping
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MisterMethuselah on 11/24/12 at 11:28 AM

Nice jacket! I'm Just wondering what your chest size is if you don't mind me asking? My chest size is 34 and I'm thinking of purchasing a 641HH soon, but still debating whether to get either a 34 or 36 size. I am just not sure if I should size up or get my true size since you mentioned that size 38 is a little big for you. Thanks!

swellison on 11/24/12 at 12:02 PM

My chest size is also about 34 at rest, about 36 with a deep breath. As instructed, I purchased one size larger; thus I got the 38. The chest size is perfect - just enough room for a back protector or my heat vest. The problem I experienced was not chest size, it was the length of the jacket - it was too long for me, and unfortunately there's no length option for this jacket. Although I'm a normal height, I have a short torso and long legs - so length becomes a problem for me with a lot of clothing (e.g. shirts are always too long for me, even though the sleeves and chest size are great).

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