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For Gail, Goatskin and Bison

Hi Gail Schott doesn't seem to use too much goatskin and other more exotic skins such as the buffalo or bison, right? Lost worlds have quite a few Bison jackets, and even USWINGS, what do you have to say about Bison, compared to cow and horse? What does bison feel like? Also, why not use goatskin for the G1 jackets? or women's perfect, 'cause i heard lambskin, although looks luxurious, is not nearly as tough as goatskin, in fact, goatskin seems to be the most tear and scratch resistant, and cowhide the most tensile. Argentina is a large exporter of hides, many other jacket companies source from Argentina, and many so called Italian leather are originally from Argentina too, where are our leather sourced if I may ask? Finally, with regard to a goatskin G1 i ordered from USWINGS, whose jackets are under contract by Schott, i wanted to get an answer from them, but their customer service is two thumbs down. I have seen many goatskin flight jackets, from Cockpit to Branded leather, they all have a glazed finish, which makes me understand why it's scratch-resistant, but this G1 from USWINGS is a lot suppler and matt than the other goatskins, I am certain this is goatskin or USWINGS won't have the decency to stay in business, but could you explain why this is so? maybe they sourced from different suppliers? A lot of questions, take your time! thanks Gail!!

Gail on 12/06/11 at 07:50 AM

We have used goatskin in many of our jackets through the years, selection of leathers and styles we offer depend on what our customer's want and want is in style at the time. In regards to US Wings the goatskin used for their styles has to meet the same military specs that a government spec  jacket requires. The goatskin in these jackets is the same as any military spec jacket would be. Goatskin is a very tough leather but it is also small skins, so on some styles the leather hide is not large enough to cut a full one piece back if required. Our women's Perfecto jackets are made in the lambskin as they are Fashion jackets and not riding jackets. Our ladies are looking for somthing soft & stylish. I really cannot comment on why other goatskin would have a glossy finish as even high gloss finished will scratch as it is only a finish, Bison is also a very tough leather, but we have not had much demand for this hide and these hides are not as plentiful as cowhide, goat or lamb. If something is not as plentifull it drives the cost up of the product. Hides are produced in many different countries, especailly since the DEP in the US made it very expensive for existing tanners to meet all requirements to still produce here many moved outside the US. Gail

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