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Fit of P6535 (Sunset) and P673 (Storm) size M

New member here from the beautiful state of California!

Contemplating a purchase of either P6535 ( or P673 (, and was wondering if size M will fit a 5'7" frame, 39" chest, 19" shoulder-to-shoulder and 23" arm length. All sizes with a deviation of 10% up or down.

Any help would be appreciated. I have sent a note to the sizes@ email, but thought it might be helpful to post here as well - hopefully someone else may find this relevant in the future. Thank you.

Gail on 01/02/17 at 08:20 AM

Welcome to our forum and I will try to help you in your sizing question. Based on your measurements the size medium should be good for you, as of today the P6535 is now only available in the size medium as the sizes are now sold out. My concern for both styles is that the sleeves will be long on you. The style P673 has a design band at the cuff which would change in appearance if the sleeve was shorten. The style 6535 has a snap cuff which could not be shorten, because of this snap cuff. I suggest you contact our customer service or Jerri in our customer service and request the measurement specs for each jacket so you can see all the specs for the jacket. I have listed Jerri's direct email address below, please be patient if you contact Jerri as with the holidays and our office being closed she becomes overwhelmed with emails at this time of the year.

If you should decide that these styles will not work for you because of the sleeve length construction, I want you to know if you select another style with sleeve zippers or a plain cuff we can shorten the sleeves for you.



choombak on 01/02/17 at 11:44 AM

Thanks Gail, and a happy new year to you. I will email Jerri for detailed sizing. Also what is the arm length on these two styles?

roberttsai on 01/02/17 at 02:43 PM

It appears to be P6535 sleeve is longer than the P673. Both are great looking jacket.

Gail on 01/03/17 at 05:54 AM

Sometimes in a photo a sleeve can appear longer because the length of the jacket is shorter then another style. The sleeve length on a jacket wil vary according to size of the jacket. Once you have the specs for the jackets you will have the sleeve lengths for each size.


choombak on 01/05/17 at 07:48 PM

Okay, so I finally ordered P673 (the 6535 was OOS by the time I placed order). Jerri okay'ed size M, so now the waiting begins. I'll update the thread with photos and fit details in a week or so. Thanks Gail, and others who chimed in - made it easy for me to decide!

Happy New Year!

Gail on 01/06/17 at 07:03 AM

It was our pleasure to help you, as we realize it is difficult to purchase an expensive item without being able to try it on first. Please note if for some reason the fit is not good you can return the jacket, providing it is unworn and with the tags attached. If you need to have the sleeves shorten, you can contact Jerri and ahe can help you with that, though it will shorten the cuff a little. Keep us posted.


choombak on 01/13/17 at 07:51 PM

My first impressions of the jacket are very positive. The jacket is heavy, and feels like carrying a calf/cow on your shoulder. :-)

As Gail indicated, the sleeves are about an inch or so longer, but I believe I can live with it -- all other fitting is perfect. I'll update this in a few days as I go around with the jacket. Thank you Schott!

Dphillip on 01/13/17 at 09:52 PM

Hey Choombak, I'm about a minute away from ordering a P673 so I'm really curious about your fit and thoughts. I'm about your size 5'10, 165 lbs, 40 inch chest, so I'm thinking a medium would be right for me. Anxious for your reply and maybe a picture or two to see how it fits you. Thanks in advance.

choombak on 01/14/17 at 07:36 PM

Dphillip wrote:

Hey Choombak, I'm about a minute away from ordering a P673 so I'm really curious about your fit and thoughts. I'm about your size 5'10, 165 lbs, 40 inch chest, so I'm thinking a medium would be right for me. Anxious for your reply and maybe a picture or two to see how it fits you. Thanks in advance.

I'm 5'7", 155 lbs, and the jacket fits perfect - except about an inch longer on the arms. Since you are 5'10", I assume the arms will fit you even better than they do me. Here are a two pictures taken today - since the jacket is new, its very stiff and hasn't moulded to my body, but you'll get a fair idea about the fit.

Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase!

IMG_20170114_1259241.jpg IMG_20170114_1256521.jpg

Dphillip on 01/14/17 at 11:19 PM

Looks really good on you, I actually like the length of the sleeves. The color appears more brown in your pictures than the Schott ad. Thanks for posting.

roberttsai on 01/18/17 at 04:31 PM

Great color in the picture, quite different from the Schott website. Based upon that picture. I put the trigger of getting a Large for myself.

Gail on 01/19/17 at 07:09 AM

Jackets can vary in coloring and all hides are matched for best shading in colors to be used in a jacket. Photos sometimes also reflect a slightly different color due to lighting and flash of a camera.


vegaspunk on 01/24/17 at 10:27 AM

For future reference, in these photos, I am wearing the P6535 Sunset Perfecto Jacket in Medium. The jacket is a heavy, oiled, naked leather. It measures approximately 17.5 inches, shoulder-seam to shoulder-seam, shoulder-seam to cuff is 25 inches, and the back collar-seam to bottom is 25 inches. I’m 6 ft tall, 168 lbs, with a 41 chest, and a 32 waist. The fit is very comfortable with some room while wearing a T-shirt and snug when wearing a thicker shirt or sweatshirt layer. 

Delivery11.JPG Delivery31.JPG Delivery71.JPG Delivery61.JPG Delivery91.JPG

Dphillip on 02/09/17 at 06:10 PM

Hey Gail, 

I just received my new P673 in medium. What a beautiful jacket, I'm extremely impressed. It fits just a little snug but the sleeve length and waist length seems perfect. Can you tell much how much longer the sleeve and waist length would be if I exchanged it for a large? I'm 5'10, 165 with a 40 inch chest, I thought a medium would be perfect for me but again just a tad snug. Any fit opinions based on the pictures?

Thanks so much.


image51.png image52.png

Ramonesome on 02/09/17 at 07:45 PM

What a fantastic looking jacket! For what its worth DPHILLIP that jacket looks like it fits you great. Congrats. 

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