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Durability of Cowhide vs. Lambskin

I know that lambskin is a softer leather than cowhide.  Is it as durable as well?  I just purchased the #233 lambskin jacket, and was curious to know.  Certain retailers have told me that cowhide tends to last longer. 

Gail on 05/10/05 at 01:54 PM

Hi Harmon, The cowhide leather is indeed a stronger hide then a lambskin. The lambskin is used mostly for a more casual wear, rather then the everyday rugged wear of a cowhide jacket. While we purchase the heaviest lambskin for our jackets, the weight and thickness of the lamb is less then a cowhide.

Cowhide: 3 oz. 1.2 - 1.4 mm thick, lambskin 2-1/2 oz. 1.0 - 1.2mm. I must assure you that our lambskin jackets do last many years and are very durable. Gail

carlos on 07/23/05 at 12:47 AM

I would like to see Schott introduce Goat skin as a material for the A2 Army Air Corp replica jackets.  The US Army Air Corps used horse hide as well as goat skin. Goat skin eventually won.  Why? Goat skin is plentiful, soft yet tough as nails and lighter in weight , and has a better elastic strength than the other hides: cow or horse.  It has a tiny grain look.  Horse is smooth. All military spec leather flight jackets today demand goat skin.  Today's military leather jackets are not as well built as the WWII jackets though.  Back in the day, clothes were built to last. Today, most leather garments are too light

weight.  As one leather garment producer once said: Light ain't right! 


Lamb skin is too soft and will not last a long time.  It is for those that seldom wear the garment but like the feel.  The Raiders of the Lost Ark jacket is lamb skin. But that was Harrison Ford's taste.  The lamb skin hide would have torn to shreds considering the wear and tear the hero went through.


I think what Schott sells looks like a hybrid A2 (Air Force)/G1 (Navy/Marine Corp) jacket.  The A2 look (minus the metal hook and eye neck clasp and the snap down collars) with the vented back of the G1. 

The only difference is the MIL SPEC jackets do not have side entry pockets.

I believe it has something to do with the professional/miltiary easthetic.

Only the Navy issue has an inside map pocket.

Also: A2 does not have a mouton collar, where the G1 does (yes those pilots get awful cold on the deck of a carrier plying the North Atlantic).

A2 has hidden snaps on the front pockets.  The miltary look has a relatively snug feel, meant for the healthy, slim/sleek build.  The civilian looking apperal allows for those people who might put on wolfing down a few Quarter pound burgers.


Also BAD to the BONE is the LAPD style leather, like the one worn by the Terminator. I think they call it the double diamond.  This has the two zipper pockets. Goat would be ok, but heavy cowhide on this is best.


If you own a Schott, keep it forever, ...or until they pry it from your cold dead hands...hehe.

carlos on 07/23/05 at 12:54 AM

I forgot to spec jackets have one piece of leather on the back (A2).

and two pieces for the arms (4 total).  And the epaulets have a narrow look.


Yes, I have done quite a bit of reading...

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