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Do we think this is a Schott? Maybe someone here knows?

Maybe Gail knows..???

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Gail on 06/02/18 at 09:34 AM

I wish I could confirm without a doubt that this was a Schott jacket but I can not. I checked all our old vintage catalogs for this style from the 60's to the early 90's, when in the 1993 our pocket ticket stared using barcodes. There is a strong possibilty it was our jacket, as the jacket is missing the removable body liner on which we use to sew on our labels on. We now sew labels on both the main body lining and liner so when the liner is removed there is still a label in the jacket, but vintage jackets only had the one label on the liner. The chain pull zippers on the pockets are the type of pocket zippers we do use on our jacket, but other manufactures could also use. I cannot see the leather care label in full, but I am assuming it is a Leathercraft Process label, which were labels sent to many manufacture's by this leather cleaner. I don't recognize the design of the side buckles, but it is possible we did use this shape on vintage jackets. I am assuming there is no name on the front zipper pull and I do not know what is on the back slider, possibly a number which would only refer to the size of the zipper. There were many leather manufacture's years ago in the NY & NJ areas, so why the jacket could possibly be a jacket that we made but was not in a catalog is a possibility, but I can not confirm it is positively a Schott style.


HenryB on 06/02/18 at 03:26 PM

Thank you for your efforts in perusing all those catalogs and all your information! It’s a quality made jacket so of course my first hope was that it was a Schott. You mentioned other makers located in the N.J. NY area at the time;so I wonder if could I ask you if you know any of the names of those companies? I know very little about the history of the leather jacket and consider mysel a neophyte at the very most! Maybe my library can order me some  Ron Tanaka books ! Thanks again for all your help! 

Gail on 06/04/18 at 05:25 PM

I honestly can not provide names of manufactures in NJ & NY, I do know of Cooper Leather and Excel, but there were many more that I do know. This is a vintage jacket, so your best option would be to try and research leather manufactures in the area for the past 50 years.


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