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Pics of a new, current production Perfecto 118

Last Thursday night, January 18, I placed an on-line order on this website for a size 48 model 118.  It arrived today, Thursday, January 25.  All the way across the continent in less than a week, including order processing, packing, and shipping!  Good job, Schott!


Three pictures below, and I'll try to post other, more detailed ones over the next several days.  This jacket has the snap behind the buckle, elastic band across the back, chain zipper pulls on pockets, and two inside pockets, so maybe a few of you 118 enthusiasts will want to see close-ups of the latest production.  If there are any particular interests, let me know while the camera and tripod are still set up.

Unopened_box.jpg Opened_box.jpg Front_first.jpg

n118 on 01/25/07 at 10:10 PM

Good Luck with the new jacket.

Did Schott change back to the chain zippers from the nickel zippers for the pockets?

Gail on 01/26/07 at 09:53 AM

Our new production lots of the 118 once again have the chain pull pocket zippers. Gail

mtds on 01/26/07 at 12:26 PM

Zippers, main zipper pull, and collar/lapels.

Zippers.jpg zipper_main.jpg collar.jpg

crippe on 01/26/07 at 04:36 PM

That's a nice jacket mtds! That new leather smell is really something :) I'm glad to see that the chain pulls are back again.



Vlad on 01/26/07 at 04:46 PM

I know exactly how you feel. As a matter of fact, everyone who owns Perfecto feels the same! :) When I ordered my 618, I had to wait more than a month to arrive. To avoid huge duties and taxes I ordered it to my friend in USA. He got the jacket in a few days, but I had to wait another month for him to come to Europe... But it was worth waiting!


You got yourself an awsome jacket, one of a kind!


Enjoy wearing it!

mtds on 01/27/07 at 12:11 PM

Details of the new snap-down belt buckle in this post.  This new feature is fine with me; I will always know where the buckle is when I reach for it, and it eliminates even the possibility of dinging my bike's finish. 


Note the position of the buckle when it is snapped down.  Since my middle-aged waist almost fills the jacket, I have no problem with uneven bunching of material when I tighten the belt.  Overall, it seems like a useful change to this customer.

11848_Buckle_in_place.jpg 11848_Buckle_unsnapped.jpg 11848_Buckle_back.jpg

Vlad on 01/27/07 at 02:15 PM

Interesting. Is this new feature present in all sizes, or just in larger?

mtds on 01/28/07 at 01:06 PM

Two inside pockets on this new jacket.  I just sold an early 90's Perfecto 118 in 48L and it had only one patch pocket, located on the lower left.  I was happy to see the additional breast pocket on the left.  It is eight inches deep, and neatly lined with leather and dark twill cloth.

11848_Pocket_inside_left.jpg 11848_Pocket_inside_right.jpg

Gail on 01/29/07 at 11:05 AM

The new snap down belt feature is on all new production lots in all size jackets. Gail

eXtreme84 on 01/29/07 at 01:35 PM

That's a good looking jacket. It looks better then the one in the order section.

Good luck with it ;)

mtds on 01/30/07 at 12:42 PM

Tags and labels today. 


It came with three hangtags attached to the left sleeve as pictured. 


There are a total of five labels: Two sewn down at the back of the neck, one flap-sewn inside the coin pocket, and two flap-sewn to the inside seam on the right above the waist.


Does anyone know what the "1867609006" on the coin pocket label means?

11848_Hangtags.jpg 11848_Tag_collar.jpg 11848_Tag_pocket.jpg 11848_Tag_inside_seam.jpg 11848_Tag_inside_seam_2.jpg

Gail on 02/01/07 at 02:18 PM

This is the bar code number of your jacket. The first 4 numbers represents the lot # for the production of the jacket and the 5th. number represents the year it was produced ie 2006. The other numbers represent the bucket number for the size and sequence numbers for internal use. Gail

reginald on 02/03/07 at 04:37 AM

I received my Schott 651 today, IN THE UK!!! wow!!
this is very very different from the current production harley jackets!!!!
man it hought harley skin is tough and proffesional, but this is totally different, the leather is thicker and feels oilly on the outside (positive way, feels warm), second, it's smooth, no grain.
it's a bit stiff, but i know it's gonna wear in and soften.
in fact, the leather itself is so strong i am worried the stitch works, the threads etc won't hold!!! will they?
i wanted to load photos, but my attachment function wouldn't work, help!!
wow again!!

Gail on 02/07/07 at 09:11 AM

I am happy to hear you are please with your purchase and impressed with the jacket. In reference to the thread, we use the highest quality in strength thread for our jackets. You will have no problem with the thread not holding, our jackets are made to last many years. Gail

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