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difference and sizes


I'm the pride owner of  618 Steerhide in size 40, I was in the shop in LA and tried a 613SH and that had a better fit for me, now here back in teh Netherlands I can buy a 'one star perfecto in male EU size M. Is this the same as a size 40? is it correct that the 613 is an inch longer then the 618?

In my Perfecto there is a tag that says Arrow Leathercare, the shop in LA never saw that before, what is that?







Job on 04/18/19 at 05:14 PM

so far i have this info gathered.

- the 613Sh is slightly longer then the 618
- the normal 613 is a quarter inch longer is the back then the 618. (25 1/4" to 25")
- the 613 arms are fitted
- A chest size of 40" is equivalent to size medium. 

Remains the question what the total length difference is between the 613 steerhide and the 613 slim horsehide, and what Arrow Leathercare tag means

Gail on 04/19/19 at 08:43 AM

The jacket style 613 in the Netherlands that is in a size "M" (medium) is not a jacket made in our USA factory. Our distributors in Europe do offer styles not made in the US, but are imports that they usually can offer at a better price point. Since it appears this One Star jacket is not in US chest sizes it is not our classic Made in USA style 613. Because it is not made in our factory or in our sizing for the jacket I really have no idea what the measurements are to compare jackets. In reference to the Arrow Care label in the jacket, this is a label we have sewn into our jackets for a company we recommend for professionally cleaning and conditioning jackets when needed.

My only suggestion for comparing sizing would be to try and get the measurements of the jacket in the size medium to compare to you 618 in a size 40. For the style 613 and the 613SH you can contact Denise in our customer service and request the measurement specs for these styles, but she would not have the One Star you noted in a medium sizing. Please also note for future reference all jackets made or sold in the US must have a label of origin of where the jacket was made. For all our US made jackets or any import we offer in the US we can provide measurements for you. Jackets that are imports that our European distributors offer, we do not have the measurements on. We do approve any jacket they do import to offer meet standards in materials and workmanship.



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