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Conditioning Error...Please Read

I recently picked up a 613s that's 4 years old but has never been worn. I gave it a  light conditioning with the Otter Wax leather oil you guys sell. It drank it right up, fully absorbing it in minutes. I applied a second more liberal coat 24hrs later. 

Now I'm noticing these little chafing/ scuff spots that weren't there before (see pics)

What's going on? Did I overcodition it? Is it maybe still a little dry? Did I ruin my jacket? What should I do?


UPDATE: I whiped the jacket down with a damp cloth and a TINY bit of saddle soap. that seems to have removed the excess conditioner. 

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Gail on 01/03/20 at 01:51 PM

Yes, you overplied the oil which puts oils back into the hide, unless the jacket was stored in plastic and more the then 4 years old it should not need condition. When wanting to refurbish an older jackets leather, we do recommend the Otter wax products. First use the Otter Wax saddle soap for a light cleaning, then the Otter Wax Salve to condition repair and soften the leather, then apply the oil to replace oils and polish the leather. In any product you apply you must always use spareingly, you can always add a little at a time, but too much can cause problems as you know. Just so you know we did not offer the 613S in our line until 2017, so it can not be 4 years old or possibly not a 613S. In the pocket is a white ticket (usually coin pocket) with the style number and barcode to confirm when it was made.



PerfectoScribe on 01/03/20 at 05:11 PM

Darn it! What would you suggest I do? Should I clean it with saddle soap to get some of the oil out? Will the jacket be okay?


It is a 613s 


lot: 36 Bndl: 002


I bought it used from a guy who said he'd had it in his closet for "like 4 years" but I don't know when he actually bought it. 


Thanks for your help. I feel stupid. 


Happy New Year! 

wolverine on 01/04/20 at 12:44 PM

Please edit your title of this thread to "CONTITIONING ERROR...PLEASE READ". So that others can learn from this and Not make the same mistake...


As far as a fix I would try warm distilled water in a spray bottle and a lot of white cotton rags, do a test spot inside the jacket and see if your rag gets dirty/discolored.  If that does not work you will need to use a mild solvent and do the same thing...citrus solvent is all natural but not cheap...I would dilute it at first 1 part citrus to 25 parts distilled water and do the rag test again.  If you see any black color stop immediately...


Please update this post with whatever you do since I am sure someone will need this info in the near future.

PerfectoScribe on 01/04/20 at 01:38 PM

Wolverine, good call about the title. 

After cleaning should I follow up with a LIGHT coat of leather salve to replenish the oils?


Thank you

wolverine on 01/04/20 at 01:53 PM

At this point you are just trying to remove the extra buildup that did not absorb and dried on the surface.  Make sure you allow your jacket to completely dry after using water/solvent&water...hanging your jacket near a dehumidifier for a day will work.  No more this:

Gail on 01/05/20 at 09:22 AM

Wolverine you have been refurbishing jacket for years and you have posted good advice to our members. I think though at this point that the jacket should be professionally cleaned by a leather cleaner, preferably Arrow Leather Care. If the jacket is only 4 years old their leather care label should be in the sewn in the lining. As you know they are experts in refurbishing vintage jackets and correcting Boo, Boos! 

For other first time buyers of a used jacket a little advice. First I always suggest to have the jacket professionally cleaned this removes all the dirt and sweat from previous owner befor you wear it. While you can lightly clean the leather you can not clean the lining, which will eventually deteriorate the lining and stitching. Next if you are unsure if what you want to do is OK, then consult someone first on what and how to use a product, if unsure then do nothing. One of the easiest and cheapest and light conditioning of the leather before full conditioning of the jacket is needed purchase some sheepskin. In car parts store they always have sheepskin to polish cars, the wool of the hide contains the oils of the hide. Rubbing the jacket with the wool side will deposit small amounts of oil back into the leather.


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