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Color loss after 2 months

I have color loss on the ends of my sleeves  after only 2 months of wear. I thought The Steerhide was drum dyed all the way through? Either way, this should not happen so soon. I purchased this at the NYC store on January 14th of this year. I might bring this back if i see it anywhere else. Totally unacceptable. And this is happing on both sleeves.


Gail on 03/15/19 at 09:55 AM

It seems you are not familiar with Schott and our warrentyfor our jackets. All Schott jackets are warranted agains any defects. Please return the jacket to the store for inspection.


Tribes1 on 03/15/19 at 03:20 PM

Thanks for the reply Gail. Unfortunately, the store cannot help me. I read your response, so I called the NYC store. They informed me I must go through corporate customer service. So I sent the same pic to Customer Service. Now I’m waiting for their response. Now I’m noticing color loss on the sleeve creases. Thank you though. I hope they resolve this. 

Gail on 03/16/19 at 08:53 AM

I know our customer service will help, I have also listed a direct email for Jerri in customer service. She handles most of the inquiries when there is a isssue with a jacket. Please allow a few days for your first email to be replied to before sending another follow-up email to Jerri. 


Email: Jerri@customer service

Tribes1 on 03/16/19 at 05:38 PM

Thank you Gail. I apreciate the help.

Tribes1 on 03/20/19 at 11:07 PM

I want to applaud Schott for their customer service. I recieved an email from

Jerri, assuring me that my leather was dyed all the way through. And what i was seeing was normal.

She even showed my pics to Jason Schott. If that's not service, I don't know what is. Thank you to Gail, Jerri

and Jason Schott himself. Unless I see something to change my mind, I consider this issue resolved.

PeterSilecchio on 06/18/20 at 12:31 AM


I understand your concern. I am having the same problem with my Brown 618 Steerhide. I know they say is normal and some people like that worn look,  but if you want to correct it Buy Picards Black Leather Motorcycle Conditioner. Amazon sells it. I bought the Brown Picards and Black and works Great. 
Has a Little Color Dye in it. 
Even Some Black Shoe Cream. 


wolverine on 06/22/20 at 11:45 AM

So what you are seeing is the applied finish on your steerhide wearing off.  The first area this typically happens is at the steve cuff from rubbing and dragging this folded area over things abrasive.  This is why most sellers of vintage jackets always show a picture of the ends of the sleeve cuffs...this is really one of the best ways of telling how much a jacket has been worn.  I have an old cop coat from the 60's that I purchased used.  The wear in this area is almost completely through the leather at the fold in areas along the cuff.  But this is a jacket that had decades of use.


So it is normal wear that develops but after only 2 months it may be something you are doing that is adding to this wear...maybe you should cut out your knuckle drags while cornering...



Tribes1 on 06/22/20 at 07:56 PM

Please see my last post on the matter. I'm the OP.


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