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Collectable American flag Schott A-2 85 19MS leather jacket

Hi Schott fans, I have a new old stock Schott leather flight/bomber jacket of limited production '92 to '93 line for sale. It brings an American flag on the outer back of the jacket. Every bit of the flag is also made by leather. The codes on the stitched tag inside the jacket and below the collar are as follows: SPEC 85 19-MS DRAWER NO.: 358 CONTRACT NO.: 73-644-57 Quality Naked pebbled cow leather with corded two way front pockets Snap down collar Wool knit hem and cuffs Cotton twill lining Size: 44 which is equal to medium sizing Colour: Dark Brown I will upload pictures of it tomorrow. Whoever is interested in it please contact me through my e-mail which is: Kind regards, Botis

P1060975.JPG P1060944.JPG P1060965.JPG P1060973.JPG P1060979.JPG P1060966.JPG P1060964.JPG P1060984.JPG P1060954.JPG P1060974.JPG

Gail on 10/11/13 at 01:22 PM


You emailed our customer service about this jacket but the information you provided was very little as you referred to this jacket as style 85 19MS. After reading your post I now know these numbers you provided prior are from the label in the jacket and not the style number. This label was made to resemble a military label which always have spec and contract numbers on the labels. We still use this label in our current style 233. This label was used in A/2 flight jackets since the mid 1980's in several styles. In the years 1992 & 1993 we offered the style 230F which was a lambskin jacket and had a leather USA Flag on the back. I am sorry to tell you it was not a limited edition, though we did only have the jacket with the flag on the back for the 2 years. We did make the 230 for several years before and after the 230F which was the same jacket but without the flag. Gail

botislad on 10/11/13 at 04:20 PM

Thank you Gail for the information. However if you read the post carefully I do mention the codes of the sewn tag on the garment and not the style code as it is not written on the garment. Furthermore you yourself mentions that it is a limited production line product.The whole difference is the leather American flag and meanwhile it is a 22 years old unworn garment. How possible is it for you to come up with such a Schott jacket?

Gail on 10/14/13 at 07:46 AM

I did read your post carefully, but I also wanted to clarify based on your initial heading being A 2 19MS, as this is not the style number. I also wanted to confirm though the jacket was only made for the 2 years it was not a limited edition that we produced. A Limited Edition would be a jacket we make with specific limited production quanities being made. Because of its age and style it is a vintage jacket, which would be a collectible jacket, but it was not a limited production jacket. I want any potential buyers to be aware of exactly what the jacket is and our clarification by Schott. Gail

botislad on 10/14/13 at 12:29 PM

That's just fine with me. We indeed agree on the issue Gail. My price is 350 U.S. dollars which includes the shipping charges and taxes as well and I accept payment through PayPal. Is this a good pricing Gail?

Gail on 10/14/13 at 01:09 PM

I never provide pricing on jackets. Since the jacket is a collectible vintage jacket you may find interest from someone looking for a unique jacket. Since the jacket still has the original hangtags it is more valubale then a used jacket. I remember the jacket when we made it and it is a beautiful jacket. Gail

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