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Closest Jacket in specs to 70s Perfectos?

After looking at the history of the perfecto and seeing some vintage models on google and ebay, it seems that the 613S is more historically accurate and closer in specs to the 70s 613/618; no underarm footballs, straight lower back panel design, slimmer fit in general. While the current 613/618 is closer to the mid 80s and beyond.

I've been wanting to get a model that is as historically close to the 60s/70s but didn't want to buy used vintage, so it seems that the 613S is the closest, however the length on the 613S seems to be a little longer, does anyone know what was the length of older jackets?

Gail on 12/30/19 at 08:07 AM

I am not quite sure where you got the actually measurements of the 618/613 from the 70's, as even I don't have the actual specs, simply because the 618/613 have not change. The original 618 was made like the reproduction style of 613 as we decided to offer the original styling, stars, plain snaps, no collar snaps. The patterns are still the same, but we did increase the back length from the 60's from a 24" to a 25", people were shorter in height in the 50's & 60's. In 2015 we did decrease the upper arm sleeve by 1". The 618/613 were designed for riding while the new 613S is designed for a fashion slim fit jacket not a riding jacket. When riding you need a jacket you can move in not one that is tight not allowing movement. We offer many designs in the classic motorcycle jacket but the 613 is the original style in all aspects including the fit.


Doudi10 on 12/30/19 at 08:19 AM

Thanks Gail. I don't have the actual measurement, but I did see some listings on and and most of them had a back length of around 23" and were slimmer than today's production styles. I even saw a guy post a pic on here of a 70s 618 he bought from ebay and mentioned how his 70s size 44 felt lile a current size 42 he has. If I'm not wrong this is because the 70s models didn't have the underarm footballs, hence why they feel slimmer, same thing with 613S vs 613.

Also one simple question, is there any difference between the 613 and 618 other than the collar snaps and epaulets?


wolverine on 12/30/19 at 03:11 PM

If you search this forum there is quite a bit of info that goes over differences with the 613 and 618.  Lower outside pocket placement and collar size are a couple other details...  Both of these models have a shorter torso length but the 613's I have owned were always about an inch shorter than a 618, 24" vs 25" in 42 size range.


As far as finding a vintage jacket on EBay I can tell you there are plenty out there and ones that are in really good shape.  The issue that I have seen is arms that are just too short for me personally.  I need at least 25" and they were never that long unless I up sized to a 46 which fits poorly elsewhere.  There is a picture below that you should use to determine the minimum of 5 measures that work best for you...this can take some of the guess work out of determining the fit of a jacket you buy without trying on first.  


Also, many of the newer Schott models like the 613s have a fashion cut which are very different than the older vintage 613/618's...upper arms have 1.5"-2" less in circumference and thus a smaller arm hole.  On some people, myself included, this can make the jacket too tight and also harder to put a suit jacket.



Five measures for proper jacket sizing

Gail on 12/31/19 at 09:32 AM

Thank you Wolverine for the great explanation. Older. Jacket were short, because people were shorter. Back lengths are also sized based on size of jacket, a person who's is a size 32/34 certainly would nit have the same back length as a size 40/42 or a 52/54, Lets also remember thes jackets were possibly cleaned which will decrease the size some. I have seen so many misinformation posted on Ebay and other selling sites it just amazes me what they claim, no where near the truth. As I always emphasize on used or vintage jackets, you never know the history of the jacket. Like anything vintage, you just never know, be prepared that the jacket may not be what you expect. We currently advise on our website for the 618/613 to order one-size up as they are a smaller cut, which is based on the older patterns. As I have noted many times you can send me all your measurements height, chest, shoulder, waist and sleeve I can tell you what size you are, but it may not be the fit you are looking for, so I cannot help in telling you what size. Remember in a real deal riding jacket it will be designed for riding not for fashion, if you cannot move or function and is constrictive when riding it is not a riding jacket. Just ask someone who rides. When you are looking for the fit you prefer, you just have to keep trying on jackets until you find the fit & look you like.


crippe on 01/19/20 at 05:14 AM

Hi, I don't know about sizing but in terms of looks the 613US (for the japanese market) is the closest thing to a 1970's Perfecto. I think you can custom order these through Schott in the US.


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