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Choosing Perfecto

Hoping to be posting on the right section here...I am looking at ordering a new perfecto, in the maze of models I have been studying, I have been trying to identify a slightly fitted but still robust model. I have highlighted the 626, but I wonder if all the talks of "lighter" model mainly refers to the lining or the actual thickness of the leather, in other words, leaving the lining and fitting aside for a moment, how does the leather construction compare between say the 626 and the 613 or 613s or sh? So if wanting a jacket with a more modern cut (less bulky sleeves  etc) but retaining substantial and thick leather close to the original, would I be better off with a One Star rather than a 626?

RotationSensation on 02/07/20 at 09:07 AM


i would buy something made of horsehide just because i love horsehide

Why not a 618H, or a 613SH as you suggested

I'm not a fan of the 626 but that is my personal opinion, you could love it

Rangie63 on 02/07/20 at 09:46 AM

Thanks for that, horsehide would would be my choice also in terms of leather...I'll study the 618h as you suggest. can I ask what you don't like about the 626? 

RotationSensation on 02/07/20 at 12:24 PM

The 626 too long to my taste, 26", also the leather is too grainy imo

But it is all about tastes

Rangie63 on 02/07/20 at 01:00 PM

Indeed...I like a little more length at the back as I ride a cafe racer rather than a cruiser...I'mtrying to gauge wheter the leather is considerably thinner orsofter on the 626, as that would be my main objection to it other than the lack of byswing but that has been taken care of on the more recent models..but I have never seen one in real life. 

RotationSensation on 02/07/20 at 01:44 PM

I own a 519 size S which is also a lighter model, it is as heavy as a 613 in the same size, but the leather is very soft and way more flexible than the 613, i joined 2 pictures to show you

But i don't know if 626 and 519 are using the same leather

You should ask Denise for more informations, i think she can help




scc1.jpg sc1.jpg

Rangie63 on 02/07/20 at 02:15 PM

Thanks very much, I will

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